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Linux is a Unix like computer operating system, it is a free and open source for development & distribution. Linux Kernel is the defining component, and it was first released in 05 October 1991 by Linus Torvalds.

This section contains Linux Operating System Tutorial, Articles, Tips and Tricks.

Linux Basics

  1. Introduction to Linux (Its modes, Safety, Most popular Applications).
  2. Navigating Linux File System.
  3. Linux Best Distribution Software (Distros) of 2018.
  4. Command Line Interface in Linux.
  5. How to set network settings in Linux using command line?
  6. MAC Address: How to get and set MAC in Linux?
  7. Explain ping in Linux - How to ping an IP address in Linux?
  8. Explain ping6 in Linux - How to ping an IPv6 address in Linux?
  9. Explain IPv4 and IPv6 protocols with differences.
  10. Linux Essentials Command Line Cheat Sheet.
  11. Make Utility (MakeFile) in Linux
  12. Compression techniques in Linux
  13. Archiving Files Using Linux Command Line
  14. ZIP files on command line in Linux
  15. How to install OpenGL in Ubuntu | Linux
  16. Why do people like Linux or its distributions so much?

Linux Commands

Linux Practice, Exams, and Preparation

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