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What is the full form of CNC?

Full form of CNC: Here, we are going to learn about the CNC, its full form, examples, CNC Machine, and advantages.
Submitted by Anushree Goswami, on November 19, 2019

CNC: Computerized Numerical Control

CNC is an abbreviation of Computerized Numerical Control. It is an automated controlling system with which digital electronic computers are used to control, automate, and monitor the activities of a machine. The machines which are controlled and monitored by digital electronic computers can be a milling machine, router, welder, grinder, laser cutter, etc. The old manual machines which always require a mechanic or engineer to run are replaced by these machines which are self-directing and self-regulatory. To control the activity of the cutter, the CNC utilizes numbers as the coordinates of the graphs. In this manner, the cutting and formation of the material are controlled by the system of the computer. These technical machines because of control and utilization by a computer are very beneficial, functional, precise and smart. Because these machines are not worked through the instruction guide, the possibility of inaccurate measures is insignificant.

For example:

If a drill machine worker got a piece of work to drill on a steel plate, the worker has to evaluate the measurements of the points to be drill, has to determine the speed and then begin drilling. In this whole procedure, there are possibilities for many types of inaccurate measures that give an impoverished output.

A Computerized Numerical Control machine works automatically for accurate measurement and with that for drilling also.

CNC Machine

CNC directed machines usually come with various axes of movement like rotary, linear or can be both. Machines that generally come with two axes, X and Y are used for cutting such as lasers. Machines that usually come with at a minimum of three axes, X, Y, and Z are milling machines. Few milling machines which enable the cutter to proceed in a 180-degree hemisphere have five axes, three linear axes, and two rotary axes. More than five axes can be found in the robotic machine arm.

Advantages of CNC machine

  • No any worker, mechanic or engineer is required to persistently monitor it because of this, the complete functioning and implementation is enhanced, as it is completely self-directive.
  • It improves productivity and product's completion.
  • On the base of blueprint, it excellently covers the organization’s projections.
  • It reduces functioning and running amount in comparison with manual labor charge.
  • It is very simple to work upon, saves lots of time and needs minimal direction, regulation and management.
  • By improvising the main software that supervises the machine, it can be updated.
  • 24 hours a day persistently, it can be utilized.

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