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What is the full form of DNS?

Full form of DNS: Here, we are going to learn about the DNS, its full form, working of DNS, advantages and disadvantages.
Submitted by Anushree Goswami, on November 19, 2019

DNS: Domain Name System

DNS is an abbreviation of the Domain Name System. An internet resource, which converts a domain name into an equivalent IP address, is called Domain Name System. The world of internet is entirely based on Internet Protocol address also known as IP address. If the user wants to access some website, then the user requires an IP address of that website, which is not feasible because an IP address is a lengthy numeric code. The domain name, which is used in this system is alphabetic and can be simply recalled.

For example, the domain name of a site is "www.example.com" and it will get converted into its IP address with the aid of DNS.

Working of DNS

With the aid of DNS servers, working in DNS processed. Into a web browser, when a domain name entered by the user, the supplication goes to the DNS server. By using a look-up table, the DNS server determines the IP address. Then it conveys the supplicated information through genuine servers to the web browser of the user's.

In addition to the process, a DNS system contains its arrangement of the interconnection network. If a server of one DNS does not be aware of how to convert a specific domain name, it will inquire to another server, then the next server, and so on, till they do not discover the accurate IP address. A directory of all IP addresses together with its domain names are carried by the DNS server, which can be recovered when needed.

DNS full form


  • With zero downtime, the substantial messages are delivered to users.
  • DNS rectifies the errors, automatically.
  • Through Anycast technology, the supplications are responded by the nearest node in an instance of maintenance or downtime.


  • The DNS root registry which is a nonprofit private organization can be controlled by ICANN which connects to one particular nation and challenges the abstract idea of net neutrality.
  • The World Wide Web will be crashed by the breakdown of DNS, even though there are more than one root server and backup servers, which will do enormous damage at specific key locations, decided on DNS servers.


  • DNS server provides a great functioning and user interface. An enormous amount of DNS has to be managed by the user interface.
  • A DNS contains a dispersed database.
  • In the DNS database, extra lists of data are also reserved.
  • To make other applications easier, it holds a list of types of data. For example, Mail Exchanger (MX) record.
  • Any type of application which utilizes the internet to attach a joining from more than one host to share some information depends on DNS.

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