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What is the full form of EDP?

Full form of EDP: Here, we are going to learn about the EDP, full form of EDP, overview, history, advantages, etc.
Submitted by Anushree Goswami, on November 25, 2019

EDP: Electronic Data Processing

EDP is an abbreviation of Electronic Data Processing. It alludes to the functioning of operations of commercial data, documents processing of storing, with the use of a computer entailing electronic transmission transferring informative data from a sheet into a digital format. It was developed with the term data processing (DP). It is a synonym for Information Services or systems (IS) or Management Information Services or systems (MIS).

In clear understanding, it consists of three levels of processing which are as follows,

  1. Input:
    Through input devices the data is put into processing like keyboard, scanner, digitizer, etc.
  2. Processing:
    The data is operated through programs of software that generally comprise translation, code application, formula, and encryption etc.
  3. Output:
    The data after processing reach to the user in the format of reports, audio, video etc.
EDP full form

Image source: https://www.researchgate.net/figure/A-block-diagram-of-the-data-processing-procedure_fig2_324824813


  • In 1951, the Lyons Electronic Office (LEO) designed and created the first commercial business computer in the UK. It was very tough and in the actual time taken to process commercial data.
  • At those times, through punched tape or cards data could only be put into input processing. The manufacturing of these punched cards should be separately required. In the beginning, independent organizations designed their software, indicate software of data processing.
  • By the emergence of microprocessors, punch cards ceased to work and it became feasible by using simple desktop computers to operate and process data electronically.


  • Speed: Through EDP, the information stored and organized can be recovered rapidly.
  • Efficiency: It enables a user to create or produce summary documents (invoices, reports, statements) automatically and rapidly.
  • Cost-effective: Through EDP, the Long-run entire cost of organizing and arranging data is less.
  • Fewer errors or mistakes: In EDP, Errors such as several times occurred entries, replication of effort is highly diminished or terminated.
  • Accuracy: EDP accumulates precise information and its accuracy is determined by the EDP tool.
  • Storage capacity: It gives several storage media like secondary and primary memory.
  • Automation: During the process, the EDP system keeps away from human work.

EDP in Modern time

According to the present scenario of the electronics world, the term EDP use is not that much in the field. Nearly in each and every field, the use of computers is very high. To transform companies’ raw information on the digital platform, companies hire employees so that they can give products and services to their clients and customers in a timely and well-organized way.

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