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What is the full form of ETA?

Full form of ETA: Here, we are going to learn about the ETA, full form of ETA, overview, usages, examples, applications, etc.
Submitted by Anushree Goswami, on December 04, 2019

ETA: Estimated Time of Arrival

ETA is an abbreviation of the Estimated Time of Arrival. It is also known as the Expected Time of Arrival. These days, ETA is one of the trendy internet slang.

The arrival of the specific entity which takes the amount of time to arrive and that remaining time of arrival is used to show the estimated time of arrival. The entity which someone expects to be arriving can be a train, airplane, bus, ship, letter, and courier anything. This term is generally used to give a person an idea about the time at which there is an expected arrival of the ship at the port. The time is set out in the form of a specific date with expected time in hours and minutes. The past experiences of the entity with the help of formula are used in measuring the expected time of arrival.

For example, in the transportation of the public, the estimated time of arrival of trains, buses, planes, etc. is measured on the foundation of their static time table, traffic intensity and present and past record of activities.

Metaphorically, in circumstances where physical motion doesn't happen, the use of ETA is also there, as in explaining the time estimated for a specific assignment to make it done e.g. the responsibility of a work taken by a person; the responsibility of a computation taken by a computer program; or the responsibility of a process taken by an organization. The connected term is "estimated time of accomplishment", which possibly will be a category of an acronym.

ETA full form

To perceive and understand ETA simply well, let's suppose an example,

Suppose by train a person is traveling from Agra to Delhi. The distance between Agra to Delhi is 180 km and the average speed of the train is 60 km/hour. So, if a person starts his journey at 6 am, his estimated time of arrival (ETA) at Delhi will be 9 am.

The formula to calculate the ETA is: ETA= Total Distance/Speed


In quite a lot of application areas, precise and well-timed estimations of times of arrival are significant,

  • In the sequencing and scheduling process of air traffic control arrival at the runaway, as stated by the first-come-first-served order of ETA scheduling, aircraft arrival reduces delays.
  • In airport gate task techniques, to make the most effective use of gate utilization.
  • In the management of the elevator, to reduce the average waiting time or journey time of passengers.

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