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What is the full form of FYI?

Full form of FYI: Here, we are going to learn about the FYI, full form of FYI, overview, usages, examples, advantages, disadvantages, etc.
Submitted by Anushree Goswami, on December 04, 2019

FYI: For Your Information

FYI is an acronym of "For Your Information". It is a widespread internet slang used these days in text messaging, instant messaging, and chatting on Facebook, WhatsApp and Twitter. At the same time, it is also used in sharing information with colleagues or friends through email or paper which is printed, which by specifying a situation to provide information to other individuals from the one who wants that information. The information made available for use by using FYI does not request for instant action, it is a piece of extra information to increment the most important message or information.

Let's suppose some examples to understand this internet slang well,

Example 1:

    Person: Hi  
    Online distributor: Hello sir, how can I help you?  
    Person: Can you please tell me; is my product still in warranty period?  
    Online distributor: Sorry sir. FYI, your product is no more in warranty period.  

Example 2:

    FYI, All leather doesn't just come from cows.

Generally, FYI is used in casual and business spoke informal conversations like on e-mail, instant messaging or through memo messages, etc. The use of FYI in discussion or chat conversation is considered casual or informal. If the use of FYI is not done appropriately, then it appears discourteous and egotistical. As a consequence, it is recommended to keep away from FYI in conversation.

FYI full form


  • The undertaking of formal speech in any conversation or writing on any social media texting gets lesser.
  • The recognition of these internet slang words are well versed to the users so that it reduces the keystrokes.
  • The traditional synonym gets replaced by these slang words.
  • These internet slangs generate narrative meanings for the words which subsist.
  • These internet slangs uses the least number of characters required to put into words a message.
  • The use of proper punctuations, grammar, and capitalizations, etc can be avoided when using these internet slang words.


Most of the disadvantages occur at those places where formal conversation followed such as in corporations, organizations, etc.

  • A large problem that occurs with instant messaging in the corporations or organizations is that they can simply lead to miscommunications.
  • These days, in case of texting and messaging the temptation to spend extra time with friends and colleagues, gets out of hand, when it interferes with common everyday routines.


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