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What is the full form of ICSE?

Full form of ICSE: Here, we are going to learn about the ICSE, full form of ICSE, overview, subjects of ICSE, advantages of ICSE, differences between CBSE and ICSE, etc.
Submitted by Anushree Goswami, on December 11, 2019

ICSE: Indian Certificate of Secondary Education

ICSE is an abbreviation of the Indian Certificate of Secondary Education (ICSE). It is an educational board of the school in India for class 10th which is private and non-governmental. It is created to accomplish the proposal of New Education policy 1986. Afterward, the ICSE board affiliated schools requirement begins to raise. In ICSE, the format of the examination is in English and the students who are regular from the affiliated colleges of the ICSE board are only permitted to appear in this examination. State boards that are governmental and other boards students are not permitted for this examination.

Subjects in ICSE

There are three group categories in which the subjects offered by ICSE can be classified,

Group 1: Compulsory subjects: English, History, Civics and Geography, and Indian Language.

Group 2: Two subjects selection can be done from the given following subjects: Mathematics, Science, Environmental Science, Agriculture Science, Computer Science, Commercial Studies, Technical Drawing, Economics, a Modern Foreign Language, a Classical Language.

Group 3: One subject selection can be done from the given following subjects: Computer Applications, Economic Applications, Commercial Applications, Home Science, Art, Performing Arts, Cookery, Fashion Designing, Physical Education, Yoga, Technical Drawing Applications.

In group 1 and group 2, there is a 20% weight age for internal assessment and in the case of group 3, there is a 50% weight age.

Advantages of ICSE Board

  • Its center of interest mainly on the child completes growth.
  • It gives equal significance to all subjects because of the vastness of its syllabus.
  • It provides the flexibility of opting for some particular subjects.
  • It gives importance to the comprehensive study of each subject with a periphery over English.

Difference between CBSE and ICSE

The syllabus pattern of CBSE is highly followed than ICSE because it is older than ISCE and at the same time it is more popular than ICSE. In comparison to CBSE, ICSE is new subsequently its syllabus pattern is followed by fever schools and at the same time it is less popular than CBSE.
The syllabus of CBSE is diminutive and compact. The syllabus of ICSE is very immense and extensive.
In case of medical and engineering examinations, the CBSE board is more pertinent than ICSE. Its major center of attention is on mathematics and science. In case of children's completes growth, the ICSE has a more reasonable syllabus and it works much better for children than CBSE. It is more pertinent for management careers.
CBSE has more scholarships and talent search examinations. ICSE is newer consequently it has fever scholarships and talent search examinations.

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