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What is the full form of NYR?

Full form of NYR: Here, we are going to learn what does NYR stands for? NYR – which is an abbreviation of "Need Your Response" in Email jargon, etc.
Submitted by Anushree Goswami, on March 17, 2020

NYR: Need Your Response

NYR is an abbreviation of "Need Your Response". 

It is an expression, which is commonly used in the Gmail platform. It is written in the body or the subject of the email to tell the recipient that the reply is required for the email. It is done to inform the recipient that the email is not only to just be read by him/her but also a reply is necessary for the same. If it is written in the email NYR, it means that the recipient is required to reply to the email of the sender necessarily.

Let us take an example to make it easy to understand.

In an email, if it is written:

The meeting is set at 9:00 P.M. today. If anyone has any issue kindly reply with the reason. If there are no issues with the time, kindly reply with 'Fine'. NYR.

This shows that the email does require a reply from all the recipients.

Now, these days, the demands of acronyms are very high on social media online chatting or messaging, so the users usually use NYR as a replacement for Need Your Response.

So, in this way, the abbreviation NYR is used mostly in the social media platform.

While this slang is very common in social media platforms, mainly email messaging, still many are unaware of this slang.

So, basically in emails if you want to inform the recipient that the reply is necessary for a particular email, you can simply write NYR instead of writing Need Your Response which is quite lengthy and takes time. Writing NYR saves time, performs strong communication and with fewer efforts.

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