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What is the full form of VIRUS?

Full form of VIRUS: Here, we are going to learn about the VIRUS, full form of VIRUS, overview, history, effects of virus, types of computer viruses, etc.
Submitted by Anushree Goswami, on November 23, 2019

VIRUS: Vital Information Resources Under Siege

VIRUS is an abbreviation of Vital Information Resources Under Siege. A computer virus is a malicious computer program or a segment of code that is without any understanding of a user loaded onto his computer and operates against his approval. The virus has an attribute to replicate itself and extend itself to expand from one computer to another computer. When the viruses achieve success in replication, it can affect the data files, boot sector of hard drive, etc. The affected area through the virus's replication is said to be infected.

Viruses are human build malicious programs commonly code to retrieve and access private information, data that is corrupted, to show on the user's display screen some political and amusing messages. They extend and expand on the implementation of infected malicious programs by placing themselves into host programs. Every year, Computer viruses are the source of damage worth billions of dollars. The greater number of systems targeted by viruses is running Microsoft window. To contrary to viruses, programmers designed and developed anti-virus programs.

Harmful Effects of Computer Viruses

  • It can slow down the user's computer system by corrupting his system files.
  • Some programs can be corrupted or can be made faulty through it.
  • The computer's boot sector can be damaged.
  • The computer's information of the user can be stolen and can be transferred to another person.
  • The Complete hard drive of the user can be deleted.
  • On the user's computer display screen, it can show beside off the point and exasperating messages.
  • It can result in the blast due to the power rating of the computer.

Types of Computer Viruses

Computer viruses can be of many types. These viruses result in the malicious functionalities of the computer. There are many viruses that are common and some are rare. Following list contains the general types of computer viruses,

  • Boot sector viruses
  • Multipartite viruses
  • Macro viruses
  • Active X viruses
  • Program viruses
  • Browser hijacker
  • Polymorphic viruses
  • File infector viruses
  • Resident viruses
  • Stealth viruses

There are some malware as well that comes under the category of viruses. The following list is the list of malware which are generally categorized as computer viruses,

  • Trojan horse
  • Computer Worms
  • Spyware
  • Spam virus
  • Zombies


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