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What is the full form of VPI?

Full form of VPI: Here, we are going to learn about the VPI, full form of VPI, overview, advantages, other terms related to VPI, etc.
Submitted by Anushree Goswami, on December 02, 2019

VPI: Virtual Path Identifier

VPI is an abbreviation of a Virtual Path Identifier. In the header of an ATM cell, it is a field of 8-bit. To set up a virtual network path for an asynchronous transfer approach, it functions as a data communication identifier.

VPI full form

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Commonly, ATM cells pass through ATM switches and to spot the path or destination of the cell the VPI is used with VCI. VPI appraises the switches about the path of the cell as the cell makes a journey through the network of ATM. In Frame Relay, the role of operations of VPI is similar to the role of operations of DLCI.

The entire ATM cell switching network enabled by the association of VPIs works with virtual channel identifiers. Within the entire channel communication potential, ATM cells generate virtual circuits and paths which lead them to diverse networks. The virtual channel identifier alludes to the circuit/channel in use, at the same time VPI matches the suitable path to the preferred destination host.

ATM cells allow direct and quick communication and also develop regularity and make available for use recognition at the same time organizing access control. A numeric recognition is prearranged to all the circuits and paths formed by the ATM switch; this numeric recognition is called as virtual channel identifiers and virtual path identifiers.

Virtual Path: In the ATM header, the bandwidth of the communication route is reasonably classified into separate virtual paths and by using the VPI they are identified. Every virtual path is allotted a fixed quantity of bandwidth. Dynamic variation in the bandwidths of Virtual paths does not occur ahead of what has been allotted.

Virtual Connection: In the ATM header, the bandwidth of a virtual path is reasonably classified into separate virtual channels by using a virtual channel identifier. Virtual channels share the bandwidth inside a virtual path dynamically which is not similar to virtual paths.


  • It makes a simpler network design.
  • It enhances network performance and consistency.
  • It diminishes processing and setup timings of small connections.
  • It enhances the services of the network.

Virtual Channel Connection Uses

  • It is used between end users.
  • It can support end-to-end user data or manage signaling between two users.
  • It is used between an end user and a network entity.
  • It is used for user-to-network control signaling.

Virtual Path/Virtual Channel Characteristics

  • Quality of service.
  • Specified by parameters.
  • Switched and semi-permanent virtual channel connections.
  • Cell sequence of integrity.


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