C# - How to Delete a Directory?

learn how to delete or remove directory or sub-directories using C# program?
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Delete a Directory

To delete a directory in C#, we use Directory.Delete() method.


This is a method of 'Directory' class, it is used to delete an empty or a non empty directory.


void Directory.Delete(string path);
void Directory.Delete(string path, bool recursive);


  1. path - Location of directory.
  2. recursive - It has two values(TRUE/FALSE), allow or deny recursive deletion.

C# program to delete an empty and a non-empty directory

using System;
using System.IO;

namespace ConsoleApplication1 {
  class Program {
    static void Main() {
      Console.WriteLine("Delete Empty directory (Empty1)");

      Console.WriteLine("Delete Empty directory (Empty2)");
      Directory.Delete("D:/Empty2", false);

      Console.WriteLine("Delete Non-Empty directory (India)");
      Directory.Delete("D:/India", true);


Delete Empty directory (Empty1)
Delete Empty directory (Empty2)
Delete Non-Empty directory (India)


In the above program, we need to remember, when we use "Directory" class, System.IO namespace must be included in the program.

In this program, method is overloaded, to allow or deny recursive deletion.

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