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Basics of .Net

  1. What is Visual Studio.NET?
  2. Dot Net related Servers and Services
  3. What is .Net framework?
  4. What are the components of .Net framework?
  5. What are the roles of CLR (Common Language Runtime) in .NET Framework?
  6. What is Microsoft Inter-mediate Language (MSIL) code in .Net?
  7. Define CLS and CTS in .Net
  8. Differences between managed and un-managed code in .Net
  9. Explain PE file format in .NET


  1. Differences between C++ and C#
  2. Similarity and differences between C# and JAVA
  3. Print 'Hello World' program in C#.NET
  4. Differences between Console.Write and Console.WriteLine in C#.Net?
  5. Differences between Console.Read and Console.ReadLine in C#.Net?
  6. Difference between String and StringBuilder class in C#
  7. Data types in C#
  8. What is boxing and unboxing in C#?
  9. What is difference between object, var and dynamic keywords in C#?
  10. Searching in C#.net, types of searching and implementations using C# program
  11. Pre-defined Classes
    1. Math Class and its Methods in C#.Net
    2. DateTime class and its methods in C#
    3. char structure and its methods in C#
    4. byte structure and its methods in C#
    5. int structure and its methods in C#
    6. float structure and its methods in C#
  12. Type Conversions
    1. Explain Type Conversion in C#
    2. Implicit type variable in C# with Example
    3. Type conversion methods in C#
  13. Explain foreach loop in C#
  14. Arrays:
    1. Single dimensional arrays in C#
    2. Two dimensionals arrays in C#
    3. What is Jagged Array in C#?
    4. Explain Length and GetLength() in C#
    5. Explain Array Class in C#
    6. Array of objects in C#
  15. Command line argument in C# with Example

C# Class and Object

  1. Properties (set and get) in C#
  2. Abstract properties in C#
  3. Indexers in C#
  4. Indexer overloading in C#

C# Namespaces

  1. Namespaces in C#
  2. The 'using' Keyword in C#
  3. Nested Namespace in C#

C# Delegates

  1. Delegates with Example in C#
  2. Calling Member Function using delegates in C#

C# Constructors

  1. Constructors in C#
  2. Default constructors in C#
  3. Parameterized constructor in C#
  4. How to call default constructor using array of objects in C#?
  5. How to call parameterized constructor using array of objects in C#?


  1. Inheritance in C# with Example
  2. Types of Inheritance in C#

Operator overloading

  1. What is Operator Overloading in C#?

C# Structures

  1. Explain Structures with Example in C#
  2. Initialization of structure in C#
  3. Constructor overloading of structure in C#
  4. Properties (get and set) in structure in C#

File Handling C#

  1. Introduction to file handling in C#
  2. List of classes with explanation which are used in file handling in C#

C# Windows

  1. Develop a windows application in C#

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