.Net Related Servers and Services

This tutorial will let you know about the .Net Services and Servers, which you should know.
[Last updated : March 26, 2023]

.NET Framework uses different types of servers and services for web applications, databases, messaging. In this article we are going to list all related Servers and Services of .Net.

Servers and Services

There are following server and services are used:

  1. SQL Server for database management
  2. Internet information services (IIS) for web application development
  3. Internet storage services
  4. Internet dynamic delivery
  5. Internet messaging
  6. Internet calendar
  7. Internet identity services

1) SQL Server for database management

SQL server is very popular database server; it is fully web-enabled database. It is also support XML. It has good security features.

2) IIS (Internet Information Services)

IIS Server is used for web based application development in .NET framework. It allows the new Web Applications to run in any browser on any platform.

3) Internet storage services

.NET Framework offers secure place to store data and applications on the web. It allows all types of devices like: PCs, phones and palmtops to access data and applications.

4) Internet dynamic delivery

It is used for automatic upgrade and installation of applications. .NET Framework will support rapid application development that can be dynamically reconfigured.

5) Internet messaging

Now a day’s it is very popular service, .NET supports integration of messaging, voice-mail, e-mail, and fax into one Internet Service, targeted for all kinds of devices like PCs or smart phones.

6) Internet calendar services

.NET supports internet based calendar services. It allows all types of devices like: PCs, phones and palmtops to access data.

7) Internet identity services

NET supports many different identity services like passwords, smart cards and wallets.

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