Method returning object in C#

This example will explain how a method can return an object?
[Last updated : March 21, 2023]

This example, shows how a method can return object in C#.Net?

C# program for method returning object

using System;
using System.Collections.Generic;
using System.Linq;
using System.Text;

namespace ConsoleApplication1 {
  class Sample {
    //private data member
    private int value;

    //method to set value
    public void setValue(int v) {
      value = v;

    //method to print value
    public void printValue() {
      Console.WriteLine("Value : " + value);

    //methdo that will return an object 
    public Sample AddOb(Sample S1) {
      //creating object 
      Sample S = new Sample();
      //adding value of passed object in current object
      //and adding sum in another object 
      S.value = value + S1.value;
      //returning object 
      return S;

  //main class containing main method
  class Program {
    //main method 
    static void Main() {
      //declaring objects 
      Sample S1 = new Sample();
      Sample S2 = new Sample();

      //setting values to the objects

      //adding value of both objects, result will be 
      //assigned in the third object
      Sample S3 = S1.AddOb(S2);

      //printing all values


Value : 10
Value : 20
Value : 30


In above program, we are creating a user define class named Sample. It contains a data member value. We create method AddOb(), it returns sum of current object and passed object into this method. Here, AddOb() method is returning the object.

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