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Given a string, we have to split it using the String.Split() method using C# program?
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Here, we read a string and then split the string based on the specified separator using the Split() method of String class.

C# program to split a string using the String.Split() method

The source code to spilt a string using the Split() method of String class in C# is given below. The given program is compiled and executed successfully on Microsoft Visual Studio.

//C# program to spit a string using 
//Spilt() method of String class.

using System;

class SplitDemo
    static void Main(string[] args)
        string[] strArr;
        string countries = "India#Australia#USA";
        char[] spearator = { '#' };

        strArr = countries.Split(spearator);

        Console.WriteLine("List of countries: ");
        foreach (string country in strArr)


List of countries:
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Here, we created a class SplitDemo that contains the Main() method. The Main() method is the entry point of the program. Here we declared a string countries that contains names of countries separated by #, then we split the string using the Split() method based on the separator #. The Split() method returns the array of strings. After that, we printed each string using the "foreach" loop on the console screen.

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