C# TimeZoneInfo Class Reference – Properties, Methods, Examples / Programs

A time zone is a geographical region in which the same time is used. In C#.Net, the TimeZoneInfo class is a part of the System collection and it is used to represent any time zone in the world.

This section contains the solved C# TimeZoneInfo Class Programs. Practice these programs to learn the concept of time zones and converting the times b/w Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) and local time, outputs, and the detailed explanation of the statements, functions used in the C# TimeZoneInfo Class Programs.

List of C# TimeZoneInfo Class Reference – Properties, Methods, Examples

  1. C# - TimeZoneInfo.Local Property with Example
  2. C# - TimeZoneInfo.BaseUtcOffset.Hours Property with Example
  3. C# - TimeZoneInfo.DaylightName Property with Example
  4. C# - TimeZoneInfo.DisplayName Property with Example
  5. C# - TimeZoneInfo.GetSystemTimeZones() Method with Example
  6. C# - TimeZone.StandardName Property with Example
  7. C# - TimeZoneInfo.SupportsDaylightSavingTime Property with Example
  8. C# - TimeZoneInfo.Utc Property with Example
  9. C# - TimeZoneInfo.ConvertTime() Method with Example
  10. C# - TimeZoneInfo.ClearCachedData() Method with Example
  11. C# - TimeZoneInfo.CreateCustomTimeZone() Method with Example
  12. C# - TimeZoneInfo.Equals() Method with Example
  13. C# - TimeZoneInfo.GetHashCode() Method with Example
  14. C# - TimeZoneInfo.GetSystemTimeZones() Method with Example
  15. C# - TimeZoneInfo.GetUtcOffset() Method with Example
  16. C# - TimeZoneInfo.IsAmbiguousTime() Method with Example
  17. C# - TimeZoneInfo.GetAmbiguousTimeOffsets() Method with Example
  18. C# - TimeZoneInfo.IsDaylightSavingTime() Method with Example
  19. C# program to get the system time by Zone Id

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