How to add tray icon menu in Electron JS?

Electron JS | Add Tray Icon Menu: In this article, we will learn how to add a tray icon menu in an Electron JS Application?
Submitted by Godwill Tetah, on June 15, 2020

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In this tutorial, we will set up 2 menu items for a tray icon which when a user right-clicks, the menu appears just like the image below.

Electron JS | Add tray icon menu (1)

Adding a menu to a system tray icon is the functionality of a tray method known as the tray.setContextMenu(), where the parameter is simply a variable or constant of the menu items passed in Menu.buildFromTemplates([]).

In this exercise,

  1. I will create a tray icon first,
  2. Create a constant which holds the menu items in an array,
  3. And finally, pass it as a parameter to the tray method setContextMenu().

We are also going to use the path module which is a Node.Js built-in module to locate the source of our tray icon image and the menu module where the method Menu.buildFromTemplates([]) is derived from.

Finally, let us write some code: Open your main JavaScript file and type,

//system tray icon menu//

const electron = require ('electron')  // imports electron
const path = require ('path') // imports path module
const {app, Menu, Tray} = electron // imports menu and tray modules
const BrowserWindow = electron.BrowserWindow //enables UI

let mainWindow;
let tray
app.on('ready', _ => {
    tray = new Tray (path.join ('src', 'Tray.PNG' ) ) // sets tray icon image
    const contextMenu = Menu.buildFromTemplate([   // define menu items
            label: 'Help',
            click: () => console.log ('Help') // click event
            label: 'System',
            click: () => console.log ('System')
    mainWindow = new BrowserWindow({ // sets browser window dimensions
        height : 600,
        width : 600,

Finally, run your code and enjoy the output.

Electron JS | Add tray icon menu (2)


Electron JS | Add tray icon menu (3)

Hey! The browser window displays too... I just did not take a screenshot because it is blank.

Thanks for reading.

Drop your comments if in need of help.

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