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Godwill Tetah

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Godwill Tetah and is an IT Specialist/Computer technology Entrepreneur. An Alumni of YALI WEST AFRICA (young African leaders initiative).

He has a great passion for Computer Science/technology and innovation. He loves computer programming, Film Making (acting and producing), entrepreneurship, counseling, and critical thinking. He's also an inspirational speaker. He has always loved innovation, testing and trying to know things.

Presently he is a web developer/web app developer specialized as a JavaScript Developer (including Node.JS). He is equally a content writer at He's a JavaScript Developer at Jongo Developers LAB. He's hardworking and always ready to learn.

Enjoy and be blessed!
Never stop checking on this forum regularly!!
It's a wonderful place to be.
Godwill Tetah.

Email: [email protected]

His submissions


  1. Generate PDF file using Node.js and Puppeteer API
  2. Create PDF File from static HTML using Node.js and Puppeteer API
  3. Create PDF file from URL using Node.js and puppeteer API
  4. How to take a screenshot using Node.js and Puppeteer API (1)?
  5. How to take a screenshot from a particular section of a page using Node.js and Puppeteer API
  6. Interacting with forms and web pages using Node.js and Puppeteer – 1
  7. Interacting with forms and web pages using Node.js and Puppeteer – 2
  8. Interacting with forms and web pages using Node.js and Puppeteer – 3
  9. Mobile Device Emulation Using Node.js and Puppeteer API
  10. Node OS Module
  11. Node Timer Module
  12. Node.js and Google Puppeteer API Series
  13. Nodemon Third-Party Module
  14. Project on Node.js and Puppeteer API | YouTube video search and Screen capture without opening a browser
  15. UPPER-CASE Node.js Module
  16. Project on Node.js and Puppeteer API | Converting Form Submission to PDF with Node.js and Express
  17. Node.js and Morgan Middleware
  18. Express template generator for your projects (1)
  19. Express template generator for your projects (2) | A study of the application structure
  20. Postman tool for REST API in Express/Node
  21. Using basic HTML, CSS, and JavaScript in Node App
  22. Node and EJS Template Engine Series | Introduction to EJS
  23. Hello World in Node, Express and EJS (1) | Introduction to EJS
  24. Hello World in Node, Express and EJS (2) | Introduction to EJS
  25. EJS with Express Routes
  26. EJS Variables (Injecting Values)
  27. EJS partials
  28. EJS Layouts
  29. EJS If Else Statement (EJS Conditions)
  30. EJS for loops
  31. Node and EJS project (1)
  32. How to send emails using Nodemailer | Node.js
  33. How to send emails with attachments using Nodemailer | Node.js
  34. How to send emails with Nodemailer using HTML as content | Node.js
  35. Email form using Nodemailer and Node.js (project)
  36. Passport Middleware (Module) in Node.js
  37. Passport local strategy section 1 | Node.js
  38. Passport local strategy section 2 | Node.js
  39. Passport local strategy section 3 | Node.js
  40. How to setup and use passport OAuth Facebook Authentication (Section 1) | Node.js
  41. How to setup and use passport OAuth Facebook Authentication (Section 2) | Node.js


  1. Simple Web Dictionary | JavaScript Switch Statement Project
  2. Data Unit Conversion Tool in JavaScript
  3. Age calculator Web Application | Integrating JavaScript function with form
  4. Lowercase to Uppercase Converter JavaScript Tool | Web App Project
  5. Sample report card web application prototype using JavaScript

React JS

  1. How to add an image in React JS Application?
  2. How to use events in React JS?
  3. How to create a sample Facebook like button using React JS?
  4. How to add CSS Style in React JS components and React JS App?
  5. How to merge React JS components in a component?
  6. Introduction to React JS Components
  7. Introduction to React JS Properties (props)
  8. How to use React Native style sheet?
  9. How to use React JS Hooks in React Native?
  10. How to use Text Input Component in React Native?
  11. How to use Touchable High Light Component in React Native?
  12. How to do Inline Styling with React Native?
  13. How to add an Image in React Native App?
  14. How to Add Scrolling Functionalities in React Native App?
  15. How to use the Picker Component in React Native?
  16. How to use the Switch Component in React Native App?
  17. WebView In React Native Applications
  18. Adding a Progress Bar to React Native Android App?
  19. How to add React Native App Background Image?
  20. Simple Alerts in React Native Application
  21. ES6 Features for React JS
  22. React JS Setup and Installation
  23. React JS States with Examples

Electron JS

  1. Introduction to Electron JS
  2. Electron JS | BrowserWindow
  3. How to add a background color to Electron JS BrowserWindow?
  4. Electron JS | Submenu and Roles
  5. Electron JS | Tray Icon
  6. How to set a window icon in Electron JS?
  7. How to add keyboard shortcuts in Electron JS Application?
  8. How to add or customize menus in an Electron JS Application?
  9. How to add radio and checkbox in Electron JS Tray menu items?
  10. How to add tray icon menu in Electron JS?
  11. How to customize the size of an Electron JS BrowserWindow?
  12. How to identify and work with OS platforms conditionally in Electron JS?
  13. How to open a remote URL in an Electron JS Application (Project)?


  1. How to get user input in Perl?
  2. Adding two numbers in Perl using subroutine
  3. Introduction to Perl dancer framework
  4. If conditional statement in Perl
  5. Perl Dancer route patterns
  6. Performing get request with Perl Dancer web framework
  7. Perl Single and Double Quoted String Literals
  8. Performing POST request with Perl Dancer web framework
  9. How to use layouts in Perl Dancer web framework?
  10. How to use template views in Perl Dancer?
  11. How to serve a static file in Perl Dancer?
  12. How to create or write in a file using Perl?
  13. How to display list of files in a directory using Perl?

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