IoT (Internet of Things) Tutorial

IoT stands for Internet of Things, it's all about accessing and controlling daily usable equipment and devices using the Internet. This IoT tutorial is designed for beginners and professionals. Internet of Things tutorial covers all the topics from basics to advanced.

IoT (Internet of Things) Tutorial Topics

  1. IoT - Evolution and History
  2. IoT - Layered Architecture
  3. IoT - oneM2M Architecture
  4. IoT - Stack
  5. IoT - Role in Smart Cities: Transforming Urban Living
  6. The IoT World Forum (IoTWF) Standardized Architecture
  7. IoT - Ecosystem
  8. IoT (Internet of Things) Enabling Technologies
  9. IoT Levels and Deployment Templates
  10. Edge Computing in IoT (Internet of Things)
  11. Fog Computing in IoT (Internet of Things)
  12. LoRaWAN: What It Is, Features, Applications, Working
  13. IoT Application Layer Protocols: MQTT and CoAP
  14. Applications of Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)
  15. Cisco's Industrial IoT Solutions
  16. Smart Traffic Management Systems
  17. Converged Plantwide Ethernet Model (CPwE)
  18. IoT-Enabled Smart Lighting
  19. IoT Data Acquisition and Platforms: Microcontrollers, Real-Time Systems, and Embedded Software
  20. IoT Data Acquisition and Platforms: OS and Drivers (End Device Program)
  21. IoT Data Communication - How to transfer data using Wireless / Wired connectivity?
  22. Data Communication using IPv4 and IPv6 in IoT
  23. IoT Technologies - GSM, 2G, 3G, 4G, and 5G
  24. Target Wake Time (TWT) in IoT
  25. IoT Data Communication - Relay Access Point (RAP)
  26. IEEE 802.15.4, IEEE 802.15.4e, and 802.11ah for IoT
  27. IoT Data Storage - Cloud / Server / In-House Storage
  28. Database Connectivity with IoT and Its Uses
  29. Data Analytics for IoT with Python

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