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Controller in Laravel

Laravel Controllers: In this tutorial, we are going to discuss how to work with Laravel: Here, we will see how to make controller in Laravel?
Submitted by Bharti Parmar, on November 18, 2019

For further process we need to know something about it,

  • You can say that the Controller is the entry point of any project or any web-based application because you can assume it's meaning by the name itself.
  • We make a controller to control our project. It receives HTTP requests, communicates with models and manages the views of our project.

Controller in Laravel

ADD the postcontroller with --resource parameters on CMD,

    $ php artisan make:controller PostController --resource

Path: "app/http/controller/PostController.php"

In postcontroller, we use our model (post) model

  • use "App\post" (on top of the file)
  • public function index{}
Laravel Controller

Example: PostController.php code for index method.

use App\Post;
class PostController extends Controller
	// Display a listing of the resource.
	public function index()
		$posts = Post::latest()->paginate(5);
		return view('posts.index',compact('posts'))->with('i',(request()->input('page',1) -1) *5);
  • 'index' method will show all data from the database to our index view.
  • 'paginate' method to sort data in the view.
  • The controller has created, store, show, update and destroy method with index method. We will also be using these methods in the upcoming article with an example or with creating a form.
  • After creating a route declaration in route.php in the controller directory.
  • In the controller directory, the auth folder exists which is pre-defined in Laravel for reset password, Login, and Register.


In this article, we have learnt about the Controller in Laravel. I hope you understood the concept, we will be knowing more about it in the upcoming articles. Have a great day! Happy Learning!


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