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Bharti Parmar

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Bharti Parmar
Name Bharti Parmar
Study B. Tech Computer Science (4th year)
College ITM University, Gwalior
Academics 8.20 (average of previous 6 semester)
Interest Data Structure, Database, Web Development
Programming: C++, Java, MySQL, Oracle 10g and 11g, SQL, HTML& HTML5, CSS and CSS3, Bootstrap, Php, .Net with C#, JavaScript.

“This Life is useless if it is not meaningful for anyone. Life is beautiful when we are happy, but it becomes more beautiful when others are happier just because of us.”

Her submissions


  1. Bootstrap - framework for responsive web design.
  2. How to set up Bootstrap environment?
  3. Create first webpage with Bootstrap.
  4. How to use Bootstrap Grid System?
  5. Use of Responsive, Nesting Columns and Offset Columns in Grid System | Bootstrap.
  6. How to use Jumbotron and page header class in Bootstrap?
  7. Difference between Bootstrap 3 and Bootstrap 4.
  8. How to use Bootstrap Typography?
  9. Create tables using Bootstrap
  10. Create a Responsive Image and Image shape | Bootstrap
  11. How to use alert and well element in Bootstrap?
  12. Types of buttons using classes in Bootstrap


  1. Difference between DBMS and Traditional File System
  2. Drawbacks of Data Models and Architecture of Data Model
  3. 12 Golden Rules of EF-Codd | DBMS
  4. Relational Calculus in DBMS
  5. Relational Algebra in DBMS
  6. Closure set of attribute and irreducible set of functional dependency
  7. Locking protocols and its types in DBMS
  8. Query Optimization, Recovery of transaction and Multiple Granularity | DBMS
  9. Differences between SQL Vs NoSQL


  1. How to use AND/ OR Operator in SQL?
  2. Use of Injection in SQL
  3. SELECT TOP with Example in SQL
  4. IN Operator with Example in SQL
  5. How to use Foreign Key in SQL?
  6. Use of CHECK Constraint in SQL
  7. Use of DEFAULT Constraint in SQL
  9. Use of LEN(), ROUND() functions in SQL
  10. Use of DATES and its different built-in functions NOW(), FORMAT() in SQL
  11. Use of UCASE(), LCASE() and MID() functions in SQL
  12. What is MySQL and MongoDB?
  13. MySQL Vs MongoDB | a detailed comparison

Machine Learning

  1. Probabilistic graphical model (PGMs) Algorithm | Machine Learning
  2. Needs and Examples of Probabilistic graphical model (PGMs) | Machine Learning
  3. Bayesian Network in Machine Learning
  4. Applications of PGMs and relation and conversion of Bayes and Markov's model
  5. The boyfriend problem using PGMs and Neural Network
  6. Markov Random Field Model in Machine Learning


  1. Introduction to Laravel (Framework of PHP)
  2. Installation of Laravel PHP Framework
  3. Project Structure of Laravel Project
  4. Configuration in Laravel
  5. Migration in Laravel
  6. Model in Laravel
  7. Controller in Laravel
  8. Route in Laravel

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