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Introduction to Laravel (Framework of PHP)

Laravel Introduction: Here, we are going to learn about the Laravel which is a PHP framework, this tutorial provides the basic introduction to Lavarel, its advantages and features.
Submitted by Bharti Parmar, on November 04, 2019


Laravel is a powerful framework of PHP which is used to develop a web application. Laravel is created by Taylor Otwell. This is simple, elegant, robust and easy to understand to create a fully-featured web application. If you know basic HTML, PHP, and Advance Php then you can easily use this PHP Framework Laravel which is reused the existing components of different frameworks.

Basically, It is a PHP framework that is focused on working code easy to write, understand and implement in your project and still providing a lot of power for you to customize the user/developer needs. Laravel follows an MVC design pattern, it also offers a rich functionality which includes a basic feature of ruby on rails, CodeIgniter (Php frameworks), etc.


  • Scalable
  • Time saving
  • Use namespace and interface which is used to organize and manage resources


  • Testing: It provides feature and helper which is used for testing. This feature helps in maintaining the code as per requirement.
  • Routing: It provides users to define a route in the web application which helps us to scale the application in a better way and also helps to increase its performance.
  • Modularity: Laravel provides 20 built-in libraries and modules which is integrated with the composer dependency manager; which helps in the enhancement of web application.
  • Query Builder: It is used for querying the database using the chain method; it also provides object-relational mapper (ORM) and ActiveRecord implementation.
  • Template Engine: It uses a lightweight template named blade template engine which is used to design hierarchical blocks and the layout with predefined blocks that include dynamic content.
  • Schema: It is used to maintain the database and schema; also maintain the track of change wrt. Database migration.
  • E-mail: It has a mail class used to send an mail with text and attachment from the wen application.
  • Configuration manager: It provides a reliable approach to handle configuration because there will be a change in its configuration that's why the application is run on a different environment.
  • Authentication: Authentication is done in laravel like forgot the password, reset password, etc.
  • Queue: Queue is also included in laravel feature where more than one user can take action; no need to wait for one task to be completed.
  • Events: Many commands and events are performed in laravel which is simple to use.


In this article, we learned about laravel, its advantage, and features. If you have any query feel free to ask in the comment section. We will know more about laravel; Its structure, how we use laravel and what is its built-in function. Have a great day! Happy learning!


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