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MySQL Vs MongoDB | a detailed comparison

MySQL vs MongoDB: In this article, we are going to discuss the comparison between MySQL and MongoDB and its usage.
Submitted by Bharti Parmar, on May 24, 2019

MySQL vs MongoDB

The differences between MySQL and MongoDB are given below based on the various properties.

Comparison between MySQL and MongoDB

Properties MySQL MongoDB
Language Structure query language Unstructured query language
Syntax INSERT INTO university (dept_id, dept_name) VALUES ('1', 'CSE') db.university.insert({dept_id: '1', dept_name: 'CSE',})
Flexibility Pre-defined schema design No schema design because it is unstructured
Relationship Support JOIN Support multi-dimensional data types and embedded documents.
Security Privilege based security model: User authentication, facilitates it with user privileges on a particular database. Role based access control with a flexible set of privileges: User authentication, auditing, authorization.
Performance Slow and cannot handle un-structured data Fast and handle large un-structured data.
Support 24*7 security, fixes, updates support 24*7 maintenance releases, bug fixes, patches, updates support.
Replication Support master-slave replication: multi source replication allow us to replicate from several masters in parallel. Supports built-in replication, shading and auto-elections: It uses replica sets to create multiple copies of data. We can also create a secondary database.
Active community MySQL database is owned and maintained by the oracle corporation. So, it has a good and active community. MySQL community is better than MongoDB.

According to business purpose

Fixed schema Unstable schema
High transaction No database administrator
Low maintenance High availability
Data security Cloud computing
Limited budget In-built sharding

Note: After this comparison, it is clear that both the database is good and useful in their own way. Choice of database completely depends upon the schema of your database. You can use MySQL database when you want database access in limited budget and MongoDB while you have an unstable schema with in-built sharding.

Usage of MySQL and MongoDB

Best fit for data with tables columns and rows. Best fit for un-structured data
Works better for small datasets. Works better for large datasets.
Frequent updates. High write loads.
Strong dependency on multi row transaction. High availability in unstable environment.
Modify large volume of records. Data is location based.


In this article, we have learned about the comparison and Usage of MySQL and MongoDB. I hope you understand the comparison between them and both are good in their own purpose. Have a nice day! Happy Learning!

Reference: MongoDB vs MySQL Comparison: Which Database is Better?


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