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Happy Independence Day, India - 2018.
August 15, 2018

IncludeHelp and Team wish you all Indian citizens “A Very Happy Independence Day”


IncludeHelp wishing you a Happy New Year (Year - 2018).
January 01, 2018

Hello friends,
Wishing you and your family a Happy New Year!


Notification to all content writers (New Email ID and Article format).
December 30, 2017

Dear All (Content Writers),
Thanks for your support and love...

Due to separate the things, I’ve created a separate Email ID on which you have to send your next articles.


Some modifications going on, unable to publish any post today.
November 28, 2017

Dear Writers and Readers,
Greetings from IncludeHelp!

I want to update you that, due to some modifications (improvement in page layout) in top landing pages, I'm not able to publish any new article for today (November 28, 2017).


Thanks for visiting and supporting us.
October 01, 2017

I want to say thanks to you for visiting includehelp.com and supporting us.

As I am a full-time working employee, so sometimes I am unable to answer comments. But, I would request you to keep visiting and supporting us. IncludeHelp has many quality articles.

Whenever I feel free, I will reply each comment.

I would request to other Readers and content writers, if you see any comment on any page, please reply to help each other.

ALEXA Ranking Status: Thank you friends from my deep of heart.
May 04, 2017

Hello friends, good evening!

Today I am going to share current ALEXA ranking status of your website (yes, it’s your website; consider me as a writer and your friend here).

As I wrote, this is your website and you should aware with the current website ranking status. So I am sharing the ALEXA Ranking status as on today (May 04, 2017).

Here are the details

Happy Ramanavami [Birthday of Lord Rama].
April 05, 2017

birthday of lord rama - Happy Ramanavami

Hello friends, good evening!

Today is Ramnavami and I am here to wish you and your family, from my deep of the heart, I am saying "Happy Ramanavami".

April 04, 2017

Hello friends how are you? I hope you will be doing well.

Due to some personal reasons, I was damn busy and couldn’t write any post. Hopefully, by tomorrow or day after tomorrow I will start writing frequently.

Thanks for helping to achieve second milestone [5,000 likes].
March 23, 2017

IncludeHelp facebook page 5000 likes

Hello friends, Good morning!!!

I want to say thanks to all IncludeHelp Readers, your support really helped me to achieve second milestone that was to get 5,000 likes on Facebook page.

35 things to do before 35.
March 16, 2017

my 35 wishes

I am a 28 years old and set a target to do following things before the age of 35. Here is a list of my 35, I m sharing this list to you because you are the guys who can help me to fulfil my dreams by sharing the website.

Thanksgiving Sunday [March 05, 2017] Winners.
March 05, 2017

This is IncludeHelp's second Thanksgiving Sunday winners announcement. In this week, website has many comments, I have chosen two members. Who are...

  1. Mr. Venky Naidu
  2. Mr. Santendra Sharma
Thanksgiving Sunday [February 26, 2017] Winners.
February 26, 2017

This is IncludeHelp’s first Thanksgiving Sunday winners announcement, unfortunately website got only one feedback. Still I am really very happy.

Hello! with a C programming Tip.
February 25, 2017

Dear friends, I want to say "Hello" to everyone.
I hope you are learning well, if you are facing any problem to access particular content you can write me. Of you can also write your doubt (most of the new posts have commenting section below the post).

00:01 am to 03:00 am it's my working time.
February 24, 2017

late night working

Hello friends, please don't expect any programming related tips and tricks in this post. This is a personal note that I want to share with you.

So, just relax and read on...

Announcing Thanksgiving Sunday.
February 23, 2017

Hello dear Readers,
Thanks for making website successful.

Today I am glad to announce that I am going to start "Thanksgiving Sunday"

What is "Thanksgiving Sunday"?

At every Sunday, I will announce two (initially, later it will be increased) names (i.e. two winners) based on following criteria:

Introducing Programming Tips and Tricks - Become a good programmer with these awesome Tricks.
February 15, 2017

Hello friends, generally I write tutorials, solved programs, interview questions and answers, aptitude questions and answers.

Along with these categories, I started a new section "Programming Tips and Tricks", here I share quick Tips and Tricks on C, C++ and other programming languages (as of today there are some C tricks and only one C++ tricks).

Introducing Programming Tips and Tricks

Top 5 most visited pages.
February 13, 2017

Hello friends, today I am sharing list of 5 top visited pages on IncludeHelp, I started this website on 06th March 2015, and here I sharing traffic stats from 06th March 2015 to 12th February 2017.

1000 pages Indexed in Google, congratulations to you.
February 11, 2017

Dear friends,
Greetings from IncludeHelp

Hope you are learning well here, I and my team (few contributors) are working hard to provide good and quality content to you. After few months of hard work and with your support we reached to our first milestone.

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