Python Array Programs

An array is used to store multiple values in one variable, In Python programming language – there is no built-in data type for arrays but arrays can be implemented using Python List.

This section contains solved Python array programs. Practice these Python array programs to initialize an array, matrix, input the array elements, print array elements, manipulating the arrays/matrices, etc. Every program has solved code, output, explanation of the statement/functions.

List of Python Array Programs

  1. Python program to find the sum of all elements of an array
  2. Python program to find a series in an array consisting of characters
  3. Python program to find the occurrence of a particular number in an array
  4. Python program to find the largest element in an array
  5. Python program for array rotation
  6. Python program to find remainder of array multiplication divided by divisor
  7. Find the union and intersection of two arrays in Python
  8. Python program to create matrix in Python
  9. Python program to create matrix using numpy
  10. Python program for matrix operations
  11. Python program to get matrix as input from user and print it in different type
  12. Python program to add two matrices and print the resulting matrix
  13. Python program to filter matrix based on a condition
  14. Python program to illustrate the working of lambda functions on array
  15. Python program to apply lambda functions on array
  16. Python program to find the GCD of the array
  17. Python program to find the LCM of the array elements


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