Python exception handling program (Handling divide by zero exception)

Here, we will see a python program for exception handling. We will see how to handle divide by zero exception and throw exceptions if the wrong type of value is entered?
Submitted by Shivang Yadav, on February 13, 2021

Program description: The program takes input from the user and checks if the user has entered valid data types and then at last checks for the divide by zero exception.

An exception is a Python object that represents error that occurs during the execution of the program and this disturbs the flow of a program. The method of handling such exception is exception handling.

Steps to handle type exception in python:

  • Step 1: We will take inputs from the user, two numbers.
  • Step 2: If the entered data is not integer, throw an exception.
  • Step 3: If the remainder is 0, throw divide by zero exception.
  • Step 4: If no exception is there, return the result.

Program to illustrate the type exception in python

    num1 = int(input("Enter First Number: "))
    num2 = int(input("Enter Second Number: "))

    result = num1 / num2

except ValueError as e:
    print("Invalid Input Please Input Integer...")
except ZeroDivisionError as e:


Run 1: 
Enter First Number: 432.12
Invalid Input Please Input Integer...

Run 2: 
Enter First Number: 43
Enter Second Number: 0
division by zero

Run 3: 
Enter First Number: 331 2
Enter Second Number: 4

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