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Shivang Yadav

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Shivang Yadav

A computer Science graduate who loves to try new tricks in digital marketing. Also, Loves to code and spread knowledge among others.

You can find me at cafes working and having a cup tea or at biking trips and playing pubg.

His submissions


  1. Scala programming language tutorial
  2. Scala Basics and Syntax | Scala programming tutorial
  3. Scala Literal, Variables and Data Type | Scala programming tutorial
  4. var keyword with example in Scala
  5. val keyword with example in Scala
  6. Difference between var and val keywords in Scala
  7. Classes and Objects in Scala
  8. Objects in Scala
  9. Access modifiers in Scala
  10. def keyword with example in Scala
  11. Operators with examples in Scala
  12. Conditional statements in Scala
  13. break statement in Scala
  14. Loops in Scala
  15. The for loop in Scala
  16. The while loop in Scala
  17. The do...while loop in Scala
  18. Nested loops in Scala
  19. Closures in Scala
  20. Functions call by name in Scala
  21. Recursion function in Scala
  22. Function with variable arguments in Scala
  23. Default parameters in Scala
  24. Anonymous functions in Scala
  25. Currying function in Scala
  26. Functions with named arguments in Scala
  27. Nested functions in Scala | Usage, and Examples
  28. Partially Applied Functions in Scala
  29. Arrays in Scala
  30. Multi-Dimensional Array in Scala
  31. Strings in Scala
  32. Operation on Strings in Scala
  33. Basic program | print Hello World in Scala
  34. How to setup Run-Time Environment for Scala?
  35. How to print a line in Scala?
  36. Scala vs Java | What are the Major Changes?
  37. Scala vs Kotlin
  38. Scala vs Python | Which is better programming language
  39. Data Types in Scala
  40. Collections in Scala
  41. Collection Hierarchy in Scala
  42. Comments in Scala
  43. Semicolons in Scala
  44. Code blocks In Scala
  45. Boolean data type in Scala
  46. Variables in Scala
  47. Traits in Scala
  48. Char Data Type in Scala
  49. Numeric Types in Scala
  50. How to check current Date and time in Scala?
  51. Scope of Scala programming language in the market
  52. Tuples in Scala
  53. Options in Scala
  54. Unit type in Scala | Tutorial on Scala Unit type
  55. Nothing and Null Types in Scala
  56. Ranges in Scala
  57. Scope of Scala Variables
  58. Scala exceptions | How Scala methods throw exceptions?
  59. Significance of Scala programming language: why to learn Scala?
  60. Reasons to learn Scala and functional programming
  61. Maps in Scala
  62. Pattern Matching in Scala
  63. How to create a range of characters as a Scala array?
  64. How to convert a string with newline into a list of strings in Scala?
  65. How to get the current year as an integer in Scala?
  66. How to call method N times in Scala?
  67. Scala has no ++ or – operator, how to increment or decrement an integer?
  68. The Scala power (exponentiation) function with example
  69. Difference between Object and Class in Scala
  70. The yield keyword in Scala | for/yield examples
  71. How to create a Java or Scala date from a long value?
  72. How to Replace 'bad' Character in Scala?
  73. What do all Scala's symbolic operators mean?
  74. Use of underscore in Scala
  75. Scala catchAll Object
  76. Multithreading in Scala
  77. File Handling in Scala
  78. Abstract types vs Generics in Scala
  79. Difference between case object and object in Scala
  80. Parameterless method in Scala
  81. Call by name vs call by value in Scala
  82. Tail Recursion in Scala
  83. Scala constructors with examples
  84. Method overloading in Scala
  85. Scala singleton and companion objects
  86. this keyword in Scala
  87. final keyword with example in Scala
  88. Field overriding in Scala
  89. Method Invocation in Scala
  90. Formatting Strings in Scala | Scala format() and formatted() methods


  1. Overview of AngularJS
  2. Expressions in AngularJS


  1. Capitalize words in a string in JavaScript
  2. How to get multiple random unique elements from an array in JavaScript?

C, C++

  1. C program to generate random numbers within a range

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