Python List Programs

In Python programming language, a list is a versatile and most used data type, it is just like a dynamically sized array. A list is used to store multiple items (of the same type as well as mixed type) in a single variable. Lists are created using the square brackets []. List items are indexed, ordered, changeable, and may contain duplicate values.

This section contains solved Python programs on Lists (like, creating lists, retrieving data from the lists, change the existing values of list items, removing the list items, etc.), practice these list programs to enhance the Python programming skills working on multiple values stored in a single variable. These programs contain the solved code, explanation, and output.

List of Python List Programs

  1. Python | Program to declare and print a list
  2. Python program to print list elements in different ways
  3. Python | Program for Adding, removing elements in the list
  4. Python | Program to print a list using 'FOR and IN' loop
  5. Python | Program to add an element at specified index in a list
  6. Python | Program to remove first occurrence of a given element in the list
  7. Python | Remove all occurrences a given element from the list
  8. Python | Program to remove all elements in a range from the List
  9. Python | Program to sort the elements of given list in Ascending and Descending Order
  10. Python | Program to find the differences of two lists
  11. Python | Program to Print the index of first matched element of a list
  12. Python | Program to find the position of minimum and maximum elements of a list
  13. Python | Program to input, append and print the list elements
  14. Python | Program to remove duplicate elements from the list
  15. Python | Program to Create two lists with EVEN numbers and ODD numbers from a list
  16. Python | Program to print all numbers which are divisible by M and N in the List
  17. Python | Create a list from the specified start to end index of another list
  18. Python | Create three lists of numbers, their squares and cubes
  19. Python | Create two lists with first half and second half elements of a list
  20. Iterate / traverse a list in reverse order in Python
  21. Python | print list after removing EVEN numbers
  22. Python | print list after removing ODD numbers
  23. Python | Input comma separated elements, convert into list and print
  24. Python | Convert a string to integers list
  25. Using List as Stack in Python
  26. Extend a list in Python (6 different ways with examples)
  27. Python program to find N largest and smallest elements from the list
  28. Python program for various list operations
  29. Find the index of an item in a list in Python
  30. Extract Even and odd number from a given list in Python
  31. Remove falsy values from a list in Python
  32. Remove multiple elements from a list in Python
  33. Check all elements of a list are the same or not in Python
  34. Check all elements are unique or not in Python
  35. Python program to print positive or negative numbers in a list
  36. Python program to extract keywords from the list
  37. Python program to remove empty list from a list of lists
  38. Python program to multiply all numbers of a list
  39. How to find the length of a list in Python (3 effective ways)?
  40. Python program to check if an element is present in list
  41. Python program to swap any two elements in the list
  42. Python program to interchange first and last element in a list
  43. Python program to find the cumulative sum of elements of a list
  44. How to clone or copy a list in Python? Cloning or copying a list
  45. Python program to find the sum of number digits in list
  46. Python: Find the index of an item in a list
  47. Flattening a shallow list in Python
  48. How do I get last element of a list?
  49. Python: Check list is empty or not
  50. Accessing a list and its elements in Python
  51. Find the number of elements in a list in Python

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