Python Pretty Print JSON

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To make JSON string data more readable while printing or writing, you can use pretty printing by using the json.dumps() method along with two arguments indent and sort_keys.

The indent argument indents the JSON string and the sort_keys method sorts the JSON string in ascending order.

Example of Python Pretty Print JSON

This example demonstrates Python pretty print JSON.

# Importing json module
import json

# Creating a JSON string
student = '{"id":"09", "name": "Nitin", "department":"Finance"}'

# Converting JSON string to Python object
student_dict = json.loads(student)

# Pretty Printing JSON String
print(json.dumps(student_dict, indent=4, sort_keys=True))


The output of the above program is:

    "department": "Finance",
    "id": "09",
    "name": "Nitin"

To understand the above example, you should have the basic knowledge of the following Python topics:


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