What are some possible calculations with numpy or scipy that can return a NaN?

Learn about the calculations in numpy that can return a NaN value.
Submitted by Pranit Sharma, on February 08, 2023

NumPy is an abbreviated form of Numerical Python. It is used for different types of scientific operations in python. Numpy is a vast library in python which is used for almost every kind of scientific or mathematical operation. It is itself an array which is a collection of various methods and functions for processing the arrays.

In NumPy or SciPy, there are some calculations that if we perform without horsing around with the floating-point environment.
Some of them are as follows:

  • 0/0 (either sign on top and bottom)
  • inf/inf (either sign on top and bottom)
  • inf - inf or (-inf) + inf or inf + (-inf) or (-inf) - (-inf)
  • 0 * inf and inf * 0 (either sign on both factors)
  • sqrt(x) when x < 0

In this example, we have used the following Python basic topics that you should learn:

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