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Overview of R Programming Language

R Programming Language Overview: In this tutorial, we are going to learn about the overview, origin and features of R programming language.
Submitted by Bhavya Sri Khandrika, on March 13, 2020

Overview of R Language

The 'R' is one of the most elegant languages, which is used for software design, and it is a software made for statistical interpretation, graphical depiction, and commentary. R is a programming language, which is made by the two renowned scientists, Ross Ihaka and Robert Gentleman, through the University of Auckland in New Zealand in 1993. The R Core Team is presently developing this language. This indoctrination language was named as R only based on the first letter of the first name of the two authors who introduced the language R (Robert Gentleman and Ross Ihaka), and partially an activity on the fame of the Bell Labs Language S. R is generously accessible under the GNU ("GNU's Not Unix") Common Public License, and pre accumulated binary forms are provided for several operational systems like Linux, Windows, and Mac.

R is a deduced computer linguistic system, which permits the branching and looping as well as it allows modular programming to use functions. R allows amalgamation with the dealings and processes written in languages such as C, C++, .Net, Python, or FORTRAN languages for effectiveness. Including companies such as Uber, Google, Airbnb, Facebook, along with with with the speculative systems delegates this language.

Origin of R Language

Ross Ihaka and Robert Gentleman are the two scientists who transcribed the programming code of R in the beginning. They have written the language at the Constituent part of Statistics of the University of Auckland in Auckland of New Zealand. This language had made its former presence in the year 1993. An enormous collection of personalities and entities had made their contribution to R by sending a vast number of code and bug reports. There has been a core group created in the mid of 1997(which is known as the 'R' core group). A lot number of people joined in the group who can amend the documentation of the source code of language R.

Features of R Language

As specified previously, language R is a language used for program design, and it has a software environment for statistical study, graphics exemplification, and reportage. The following are the essential characteristics of R:

  • Utilization of many conditionals loops, user-defined recursive utilities, and input & output facilities are included in the language. R is well-established, humble, and operative user interface design language.
  • R has a piece of operative information which is easy to handle and has a facility of storage,
  • The language R provides a set of operatives for calculations on arrays, lists, vectors, and matrices.
  • R provides a vast, comprehensible, and assimilated assortment of apparatuses for the persistence of data analysis.

R has created its name as the world's furthermost extensively used statistics programming language. It is one of the best choices of data given by scientists and supported by a vivacious and brilliant communal of suppliers. R is educated by many numbers of students in their respective academies and is organized in mission perilous commercial presentations.



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