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Bhavya Sri Khandrika

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Bhavya Sri Khandrika

I'm Bhavya Sri, an undergraduate in the stream of Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering. I love to explore new talents hidden in myself. I'm a bookworm, I appreciate the idea of reading the various books related to psychology and ethical hacking.

Her submissions

R Language

  1. Overview of R Programming Language
  2. Hello World program in R programming language
  3. Comments in R programming language
  4. Variables in the R language
  5. Installation Process of R Language
  6. R Language Operators
  7. Functions in R programming language (with Examples)
  8. Pros and Cons of R Programming Language
  9. Data Types with Examples in R Language
  10. Data Reshaping in R Programming Language
  11. Loops in R Language
  12. R Language Loop control statements (break and next)
  13. R Language Strings
  14. Factors in R Language
  15. Lists in R Language
  16. Packages in R Language
  17. Data Frames in the R Programming Language
  18. Line Charts in R Language
  19. Bar Charts in R Language
  20. Pie Charts in R Language
  21. Which is ideal programming for data visualization: Python Vs R?
  22. Matrices in R Language

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