Scala Exception Handling Programs

Exception in programming occurs during execution of the program, the error occurs during the execution of the program. This error interrupts the execution sequence of the code. The exceptions are handled using bypassing the code to an exception handler. This handles the exceptions and reduces the occurrence of error.

Exception Handling in Scala has the same working as exceptions of any other programming language but is implemented a bit differently. Scala supports only unchecked exceptions i.e. no checked exception are inbuilt for Scala.

Exceptions are inherited from throwable which also has a subclass of errors. And exceptions have a subclass called unchecked exception which is quite useful in programming.

This section contains solved Scala Exception Handling Programs, practice these Scala programs to learn the concept of Exception Handling, these programs contain the solved code, outputs, and a detailed explanation of the statements, functions used in the Scala Exception Handling Programs.

List of Scala Exception Handling Programs

  1. Scala program to handle Divide By Zero exception
  2. Scala program to handle multiple exceptions
  3. Scala program to print exact exception message
  4. Scala program to demonstrate the finally block
  5. Scala program to demonstrate the finally block without catch block
  6. Scala program to demonstrate the throw keyword
  7. Scala program to demonstrate the throws keyword
  8. Scala program to create a custom exception
  9. Scala program to demonstrate the NumberFormatException
  10. Scala program to demonstrate the NullPointerException

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