SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Interview Questions for Experienced (Page 2)

List of Frequently asked SEO Interview Questions for Experienced

6) What is Google Sandbox?

Google sandbox is basically an imaginary place where Google keeps new websites before giving them high ranking position in SERP. The reason to put a new website in sandbox is to check whether the website is really optimize in better way or they are doing some black hat activity to rank well in search result. A domain can be in sandbox for the time period less than one month to 8 month.

7) What is canonical Issue? How to resolve this issue?

Canonical arises when the same page access from multiple URL’s. This issue can lead to duplicate content with in the same website. For example in E-commerce industry same page can be access through various filters like color, size, price etc. To resolve this issue canonical tag is used on multiple version of the original page with the <rel canonical > tag.

For Example:
<link rel="canonical" href=""/>

8) How to target any specific country audience for your business?

For targeting the people of any country first you should have the domain with TLD (Top Level Domain) of that country. For example for targeting country such as Canada you must have a domain like http::// Your website IP should also from the same region so host your website within the same country. The next important step is the geographical setting in webmaster tool. Go to search traffic section in your webmaster tools account, now choose International targeting, and under country section select the desired country audience that you want to target.

seo interview questions

9) What is the maximum limit of URLs we can add into a single sitemap? What is Sitemap index file? When we need to create this file?

The maximum limit of URLs in a site map is 50,000 and it should not be more than 10 MB. If your sitemap contains more-than 50000 URLs than split your sitemap into multiple sitemap. A sitemap index file contains the list of all sitemaps. The maximum limit of sitemap index file is up to 1000 and must not exceed 10MB. To manage multiple sitemaps a sitemap index file is created with following tags.


10) What are keyword density, prominence and proximity?

Keyword Density: The keyword density refers to the percentage of the keywords contained within the total number of words on a webpage.

Keyword Prominence: Keyword Prominence refers to how prominent keyword is used within a web page. It is generally a recommendation to place the important keyword at right place such as within first paragraph on a webpage.

Keyword Proximity: It refers to the closeness between two or more keywords. For better keyword proximity decrease the distance between two important keywords.



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