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How to separate 'words' while declaring an identifier in C language?

By: IncludeHelp, on 17 MAR 2017

Learn: how to declare an identifier name that has more than one word (multi-words variable/identifier declaration)?

When, you are declaring an identifier like variable name, function name etc and there are two words in it. You should separate them by using underscore (_) or mixed uppercase and lowercase alphabets.

For example: if there is a variable to store product weight, variable identifier/variable name should be: product_weight, productWeight, product_Weight

Consider the below example: here we are reading product name and product weight and then printing them (it's just a simple program that will read and print the value; you have to focus on variable naming conventions).

#include <stdio.h>

int main()
	char product_name[100]={0};
	float product_weight;
	printf("Enter product name: ");

	printf("Enter product weight: ");
	printf("Product details:\n");
	printf("Name: %s\nWeight: %.02f\n",product_name,product_weight);
	return 0;


Enter product name: Lenovo B40 Laptop 
Enter product weight: 2.1 
Product details:
Name: Lenovo B40 Laptop 
Weight: 2.10

Do you know why we used "% .02f" to print the float value?

%.02f - will print the float value till 2 decimal places with zero (0) padding.



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