VB.Net Threading Programs

In VB.Net programming language, threading is used to perform multiple operations at the same time. To use the concept of threading – we use the Thread class of System.Threading namespace.

This section contains the solved VB.Net threading programs. Practice these programs to learn the concept of threading (multi-threading), these programs contain the solved code, outputs, and the detailed explanation of the statements, functions used in the VB.Net threading programs.

List of VB.Net Threading Programs

  1. VB.Net program to create a simple thread
  2. VB.Net program to create a thread pool
  3. VB.Net program to Pause a Thread
  4. VB.Net program to demonstrate the thread lock
  5. VB.Net program to kill a thread
  6. VB.Net program to set and print the name of the current thread
  7. VB.Net program to check the thread is alive or not
  8. VB.Net program to print the priority of the current thread
  9. VB.Net program to print the elapsed milliseconds of stopwatch using Thread.Sleep() method
  10. VB.Net program to assign the name of a thread

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