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Hey there, visitor! Thanks for stopping by. Since you have ended up on this website, I will assume that you are searching for things related to computer technology, or computer programming language. That, or its 3:00 am and you are hopelessly lost in the lovely world of the Internet. Either way, I will try my best to answer your queries and help you sort out whatever problem you have entangled yourself in.

What is IncludeHelp?

I, the mighty creator of this website, am a humble computer programmer with more than ten years of experience in the field of various computer programming languages.

Include Help is a personal project of mine, which I run with the help of a few contributors, and of course, my readers!

This website is a collection of Computer Programming and Language related content, aimed to educate people that wish to be educated in the same, or to help those in a funk.

Hopefully you will find the website useful, it certainly caters to people with a wide variety of interests!

Thanks! You can proceed to the actual website now!

Have fun!

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