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Anamika Gupta

Technical Content Writer @ IncludeHelp

Name Anamika Gupta
Course B. Tech (Computer Science Engineering)
College Kanpur Institute Of Technology, Kanpur
hackerrank id https://www.hackerrank.com/Eros10
Favourite Programming language Java

Her submissions


  1. Java | Print Multiplication of two 2-D Arrays by traversing forward direction in first array and backward direction in second array.
  2. Solution of minimum spanning tree problem in Java using Kruskal's Algorithm.
  3. Coin change problem and solution in Java.
  4. Java program for Left Rotation in Array.
  5. Minimum swaps required to sort an array in Java.


  1. Python | Program to print Odd and Even numbers from the list of integers.
  2. Python | Program to print Palindrome numbers from the given list.


  1. Naive Bayes Algorithm in Machine learning.

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