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Ashish Varshney


I am a tech person with technical background, who loves to explore more and more in technical field. I have a passion to achieve more knowledge about latest technologies which are leading us to new world which have technical ease. I certainly have good knowledge regarding programming. I can mingle in every environment with utmost ease.

Collage: Graphic Era University, Dehradun.

His submissions

Compiler Design

  1. LEX Code to count the number of lines, space, tab-meta character and rest of characters in a given Input pattern.
  2. LEX code to replace all the ‘if’ keyword to capital ‘if’ from the given C/C++ file.
  3. LEX Code to extract all html tags in the given HTML file at run time and store into Text file given.
  4. LEX Code to remove the comments from any C-Program given at run-time and store into ‘out.c’ file.
  5. LEX Code to replace white spaces of ‘Input.txt’ file by a single blank character into ‘Output.txt’ file.
  6. LEX Code to count and print the number of total characters, words, white spaces in given ‘Input.txt’ file.
  7. LEX Code for Tokenizing (Identify and print OPERATORS, SEPARATORS, KEYWORDS, IDENTIFIERS) for the given C fragment.
  8. LEX Code to identify and print integer and float value in given Input pattern.
  9. LEX Code to identify and print valid Identifier of C/C++ in given Input pattern.


  1. C program for sin(x) series.
  2. C program to create progress bar using graphics.h.
  3. C program to print diamond pattern.
  4. C printf based Aptitude Questions and Answers.
  5. C while loop Aptitude Questions and Answers.
  6. C for loop Aptitude Questions and Answers.


  1. Form validation using JavaScript.
  2. JavaScript code to design calculator.

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