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Sudarshan Paul

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Sudarshan Paul

I am a caffeinated life form, who loves to sit with his laptop with a cup of coffee and play with programming to explore the heads and tails of it. I love to equip myself with all the latest software which fall into my area of interests. I have special interests in troubleshooting software related queries and code debugging. In free time my guitar is a good companion. I believe the best way to learn is by sharing knowledge and thus IncludeHelp provides a great platform for learners and achievers.

Area of Interest: C, Machine Learning/ Artificial Intelligence, Embedded Systems, Nanotechnologies, MATLAB.

His submissions


  1. Recursion in C Programming.
  2. C programming errors.
  3. Introduction to storage classes in C language.
  4. Type Conversion in C.

Machine Learning

  1. Basic concepts of Machine Learning.


  1. Automated Virtual Assistants
  2. 3D Printing (Working, Advantages and Applications)

Embedded systems

  1. 8051 Microcontroller programming using Keil Uvision IDE.
  2. How to upload HEX code to microcontrollers?
  3. Pin Description of 8051 Microcontroller.
  4. Oscillator Frequency in Microcontrollers.
  5. Microcontrollers vs Microprocessors.
  6. Hello world program for 8051 Microcontroller.
  7. Accessing Ports and Pins in 8051 Microcontroller.
  8. Reading and Writing values in Microcontroller Ports.

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