Articles, Tutorials on Embedded Systems

1) What are Microcontrollers and their types?
Microcontrollers are broadly utilized in Embedded System products. An Embedded product uses the microprocessor (or microcontroller) to do a single task only. A printer is an instance of embedded system as the processor in it performs single task only namely receiving the data and printing it.

2) What is an Embedded System?
Learn: What is an embedded system, where it is used and what are the examples of an embedded system?

3) How Microcontrollers are different than Microprocessors?
Learn: What is Microcontrollers and Microprocessors, What are the differences between Microcontrollers and Microprocessors?

4) C programming tips for Embedded Development.
Tips for Embedded Development in C: C programming language is widely used programming language; it’s specially designed for low level programming (Embedded programming). This article contains some of the best Tips that may help you for embedded development.

4) Embedded C Interview Questions and Answers.
Embedded C programming Interview Questions and Answers: This page contains some of the top Interview questions and Answers of Embedded C programming language.

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