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What is the full form of T+?

Full form of T+: Here, we are going to learn about the T+, T+ – which is an abbreviation of Thing Positive in Email jargon, etc.
Submitted by Anushree Goswami, on March 12, 2020

T+: Think Positive

T+ is an abbreviation of Think Positive.

Think Positive is an affirmation for a constructive mindset in which a person expects better and favorable consequences. In other words, think positively is the process of creating thoughts that have better and encouraging sequences that create and transform energy into reality. A positive thinking mind hangs around for happiness, joy, health and a happy ending in every situation.

More people these days become are attracted to this concept of positivity; fine indication is the increasingly courses and books about it. Positive thinking is gaining attractiveness among surrounding.

More and more successful people will describe their success that whatever they achieved and where they are now are all because they made a lifestyle around positive thinking. A person that goes through life with a positive mindset will always be more successful in life both professionally and personally, in comparison to a person that cannot manage and organize his thoughts in the direction of positivity. It is all the time more common to hear people say: "Think Positive" to a person who is sad and worried. Unfortunately, lots of people do not take this urge seriously.

Application of Think Positive

  • Use of positive words while talking: If a person continuously repeats "I cannot" a person can convince himself that it's true. Substitute the words which are negative with positive ones.
  • Eliminate all the thoughts and emotions that are negative: A person needs to do not let his negative thoughts and emotions take control when a person is not in a good mood. Even if it is for a few hours a day, a person needs to eliminate negative thoughts and emotions and pay attention to positive things in his life.
  • Use words that bring to mind strength and success: A person needs to fill his thoughts with words that make him feel strong, happy, joy and having control over his life. A person needs to make an effort to concentrate on these words instead of the ones that imply failure or ineffectiveness or lack of ability.
  • Positive affirmations practice: One of the most widespread training for positive thinking is positive affirmation. A person needs to start repeating positive phrases like "I deserve to be happy" or "I deserve to be loved". By believing that these phrases are factual, true and repeating them always in his mind will inflict a highly positive outlook about his life.

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