What is the difference between byte and sbyte in C#?

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A single byte can store 8-bits value. Both are used for byte type of data i.e., the data that contains an only 1-byte value. The byte is used to work with unsigned byte data, it works with an only positive value between in the range of 0 to 255.


The sbyte is used to work with the signed byte data, it works with both types of data (Negative and Positive), it can store the between in the range of -128 to 127.

Differences between byte and sbyte

In C#, both byte and sbyte are used to specify a single byte data. The main difference between byte and sbyte is that byte specifies unsigned values from 0 to 255, while sbyte specifies signed values from -128 to +127.

byte sbyte
byte stands for unsigned byte. sbyte stands for signed byte.
It can store positive bytes only. It can store negative and positive bytes.
It takes 8-bits space in the memory. It also takes the 8-bits in the memory.
Its data range is 0 to 255 that means it can store a minimum value 0 and maximum upto 255. Its data range is -128 to 127 that means it can store a minimum value -128 and maximum upto 127.
Declaration syntax:
byte variable;
Declaration syntax:
sbyte variable;

C# example to demonstrate the differences between byte and sbyte

Declaring signed and unsigned byte variable, assigning them with the values and printing the values.

using System;
using System.Text;

namespace ConsoleApplication3 {
  class Program {
    static void Main(string[] args) {
      byte a;
      sbyte b;

      //printing minimum & maximum values
      Console.WriteLine("Minimum value of byte: " + byte.MinValue);
      Console.WriteLine("Maximum value of byte: " + byte.MaxValue);

      Console.WriteLine("Minimum value of sbyte: " + sbyte.MinValue);
      Console.WriteLine("Maximum value of sbyte: " + sbyte.MaxValue);
      a = 0;
      Console.WriteLine("a = " + a);
      a = 255;
      Console.WriteLine("a = " + a);

      b = -100;
      Console.WriteLine("b = " + b);

      b = 123;
      Console.WriteLine("b = " + b);

      b = 127;
      Console.WriteLine("b = " + b);

      //hit ENTER to exit


Minimum value of byte: 0
Maximum value of byte: 255
Minimum value of sbyte: -128
Maximum value of sbyte: 127
a = 0
a = 255
b = -100
b = 123
b = 127

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