Embedded Systems, its type and applications

In this article, we are going to learn about Embedded Systems, what are embedded systems, what are its types and applications?
Submitted by Suryaveer Singh, on June 12, 2018

Starting with the simple definition of Embedded System an Embedded System is defined as a combination of hardware and software to perform a specific task.

Explaining it in more detail, Embedded System is a computer system with a dedicated function within a larger mechanical or Electronic System.

Embedded System controls many devices in common use today. Nearly 90% of all Microprocessors are manufactured as components of Embedded System.

Embedded system

Image source: https://www.theengineeringprojects.com/

The above Image Shows some Example of Embedded System. Considering the Mobile phones the user just dials the number or just gives the voice command and the rest operation is done by the machine itself. These automatic operations are done by Embedded System.

This Embedded System inside the Mobile phones takes the input from the user, saves them and operates the Mobile phone according to the input.

The Microcontroller and Microprocessor used in the hardware circuit of hardware circuit are programmed to perform a specific task, which follows the set of instructions.

These set of instructions are the programs and are written using the software like Proteus and using a programming language like C or C++ or Embedded C. These program are dumped in the Microprocessor or microcontroller that are used in the Embedded System Circuits.

Embedded system types

Based on the Performance of Microcontrollers, Embedded Systems are classified as:

  1. Small Scale embedded system
  2. Medium Scale embedded system
  3. Sophisticated embedded system

Based on Performance and functional requirement, they are classified as:

  1. Real Time embedded system
  2. Stand alone embedded system
  3. Networked embedded system
  4. Mobile embedded system

Embedded systems Applications

Embedded System have very large number of applications in various Field such as in Digital Electronics, Satellite systems, Military Defence System, Telecommunications and so on.

Also in the final Year of engineering students designs various Embedded Projects using the practical applications of Embedded System.

Here are Some Examples of such projects:

  • IOT Based Energy Meter Reading Through Internet
  • GSM Based prepaid energy meter
  • Solar based electric fencing system to deter cattle


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