What is an Embedded System? Examples of Embedded System

In this tutorial, we will learn what is an embedded system, what are the various examples of embedded systems. By Vandana Sharma Last updated : May 12, 2023

What is an Embedded System?

An embedded system employs a combination of hardware & software (a "computational engine") to perform a specific function; is part of a larger system that may not be a “computer works in a reactive and time-constrained environment. Software is used for providing features and flexibility Hardware = {Processors, ASICs, Memory...} is used for performance (& sometimes security).

An embedded system is a special purpose of the system in which the computer is completely encapsulated by the device it controls. Unlike a general-purpose computer, such as a PC, an embedded system performs predefined tasks usually with very specific tasks design engineers can optimize it reducing the size and cost of the product. Embedded systems are often mass-produced, so the cost savings may be multiplied by the millions of items.

The core of any embedded system is formed by one or several microprocessors or microcontrollers programmed to perform a small number of tasks. In contrast to a general-purpose computer, which can run any software application, the user chooses, the software on an embedded system is semi-permanent, so it is often called firmware.

What are the Types of Embedded System?

Based on the performance of microcontrollers, embedded systems are classified as:

  1. Small Scale embedded system
  2. Medium Scale embedded system
  3. Sophisticated embedded system

Based on performance and functional requirements, they are classified as:

  1. Real-time embedded system
  2. Stand-alone embedded system
  3. Networked embedded system
  4. Mobile embedded system

What are the Applications of an Embedded System?

Embedded Systems have a very large number of applications in various fields such as Digital Electronics, Satellite systems, Military Defence Systems, Telecommunications, and so on.

Also in the final year of engineering students designs various Embedded Projects using the practical applications of Embedded System.

Here are some examples of such projects:

  • IoT-Based Energy Meter Reading Through the Internet
  • GSM Based on prepaid energy meter
  • Solar-based electric fencing system to deter cattle

What are the Examples of Embedded System?

The following are the examples of embedded system:

  1. Automated teller machines (ATMs).
  2. Avionic, such as inertial guidance systems, flight control hardware/software, and letter integrated systems in aircraft and missiles.
  3. Cellular telephones and telephonic switches.
  4. Computer network equipment, including routers timeservers, and firewalls.
  5. Computer printers, Copiers.
  6. Disk drives (floppy disk drive and hard disk drive).
  7. Engine controllers and antilock brake controllers for automobiles.
  8. Home automation products like thermostats, air conditioners sprinkles, and security monitoring systems.
  9. Household appliances including microwave ovens, washing machines, TV sets DVD players/recorders.
  10. Medical equipment.
  11. Measurement equipment such as digital storage oscilloscopes, logic analyzers, and spectrum analyzers.
  12. Multimedia appliances: internet radio receivers, TV set-top boxes.
  13. Personal digital assistants (PDAs), i.e., small handheld computers with P1M5 and other applications.
  14. Programmable logic controllers (PLCs) for industrial automation and monitoring.
  15. Stationary video game controllers.
  16. Wearable computers.

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