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Java PrintStream checkError() Method with Example

PrintStream Class checkError() method: Here, we are going to learn about the checkError() method of PrintStream Class with its syntax and example.
Submitted by Preeti Jain, on April 19, 2020

PrintStream Class checkError() method

  • checkError() method is available in package.
  • checkError() method is used to check its error state. The internal error status is set to true if the underlying output stream throws an IOException except for InterruptedIOException and underlying output stream throws an interruptedIOException then the PrintStream translate the exception revert into an interrupt.
  • checkError() method is a non-static method, it is accessible with the class object only and if we try to access the method with the class name then we will get an error.
  • checkError() method does not throw an exception at the time of checking error state.


    public boolean checkError();


  • It does not accept any parameter.

Return value:

The return type of the method is boolean, it returns true when this output stream result an IOException except InterruptedIOException or the setError() has been called.


// Java program to demonstrate the example 
// of boolean checkError() method of 
// PrintStream


public class CheckErrorOfPS {
    public static void main(String[] args) {
        String str = "Java Programming";

        // Instantiates PrintStream
        PrintStream p_stm = new PrintStream(System.out);

        // Display str
        p_stm.println("str: " + str);

        // By using checkError() method is to check
        // error state whether the stream throw any 
        // error , exception or not 
        boolean status = p_stm.checkError();
        System.out.println("p_stm.checkError(): " + status);


        // By using close() method is to 
        // close the stream p_stm


str: Java Programming
p_stm.checkError(): false


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