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Preeti Jain
Name Preeti Jain
Age 26
Qualification MCA
College MITS Gwalior
Academics 8.04 (CGPA)
Interest Operating System, Data Structure, Database, Competitive Programming Languages C/ C++, Java (Core),Oracle beginners, others (HTML/HTML (5), CSS/ CSS (3), Bootstrap, Materialize)
Other skills WordPress, Laravel

Her submissions


  1. Disadvantages/ Limitations of Object Arrays in Java.
  2. Compare Array and Collection in Java.
  3. Compare final, finally and finalize() in java.
  4. Explain JDK and JRE.
  5. Java - Difference between next() and nextLine() methods.
  6. Java - Difference between throw and throws.
  7. Java - Difference between float and double.
  8. Compare array and ArrayList in Java.
  9. Compare ArrayList and LinkedList in Java.
  10. What are the differences between abstract class and interface?
  11. What are the differences between abstraction and encapsulation?
  12. Marker Interface in Java.
  13. Why java is not pure object oriented programming language?
  14. Why java is platform independent?
  15. What are the differences between Heap and Stack Memory in Java?
  16. Covariant return type in java.
  17. Java program to print upper diamond pattern of numbers and dollars.
  18. Java program to print upper diamond pattern of numbers.
  19. How to access inner class in Java?
  20. Can we access private variable outside of the class in Java?
  21. Java program to demonstrate example of method overloading.
  22. Java program to remove duplicate elements from an array.
  23. Java program to concatenate two strings without using library function.
  24. Java program to extract words from a given sentence.
  25. Java program to check whether a given number is palindrome or not.
  26. Java program to check whether a given number is prime or composite (non-prime).
  27. Java program to convert Decimal to Octal.
  28. Java program to convert Decimal to Binary.
  29. Java program to find addition of N integer numbers.
  30. Java program to addition of one dimensional and two dimensional arrays.
  31. Java program to add digits of a number.
  32. How to accept input from keyboard in java?
  33. Java program to find addition and subtraction of two matrices.
  34. How to get and set name of a thread in Java?
  35. What is Multi Threading in Java?
  36. super keyword and super() method in Java.
  37. this keyword and this() method in Java.
  38. What is static import in java?
  39. Why java does not support multiple inheritances?
  40. Thread pool in java, how to create it?
  41. What is Deadlock, how to analyze and avoid it in java?
  42. Why string is immutable or final in java?
  43. Explain java ArrayList and its methods.
  44. Explain OutOfMemory Error in java.
  45. Convert String to byte array and vice versa in java.
  46. Thread Scheduler and Time Slicing in Java.
  47. How can we achieve Thread Safety in java?
  48. Convert string lowercase to uppercase and vice versa without using library function in java.
  49. How to create daemon thread in java?
  50. Thread properties in java.
  51. What will happen if we don't override thread class run() method in java?
  52. Differences between User Thread and Daemon Thread in Java.
  53. Explain Inner class in java.
  54. Difference between Process and Thread in java.
  55. Explain life cycle of a thread in java.
  56. What are the differences between path and classpath in java?
  57. Inheritance and its implementation in Java
  58. Types of Inheritance in Java with Examples
  59. Using final keyword with inheritance in Java
  60. Java Constructors with Examples
  61. Java LinkedList addFirst() method with Example
  62. Java LinkedList addLast() method with Example
  63. Java LinkedList getFirst() method with Example
  64. Java LinkedList getLast() method with Example
  65. Java LinkedList boolean add(Object o) method with Example
  66. Java LinkedList boolean remove(Object o) method with Example
  67. Java LinkedList boolean addAll(Collection c) method with Example
  68. Java LinkedList boolean addAll(int index, Collection c) method with Example
  69. Java LinkedList void add(int index, Object o) method with Example
  70. Java LinkedList void clear() method with Example
  71. Java LinkedList Object clone() method with Example
  72. Java LinkedList boolean contains(Object o) method with Example
  73. Java LinkedList public boolean offerFirst(Object o) method with Example
  74. Java LinkedList public boolean offerLast(Object o) method with Example
  75. Java LinkedList public boolean offer(Object o) method with Example
  76. Java LinkedList public int indexOf(Object o) method with Example
  77. Java LinkedList public int lastIndexOf(Object o) method with Example
  78. Java LinkedList public Object peekFirst() method with Example
  79. Java LinkedList public Object peekLast() method with Example
  80. Java LinkedList public Object peek() method with Example
  81. Java LinkedList public Object pollFirst() method with Example
  82. Java LinkedList public Object pollLast() method with Example
  83. Java LinkedList public Object poll() method with Example
  84. Java LinkedList int size() method with Example
  85. Java LinkedList Object pop() method with Example
  86. Java LinkedList Object set(int index , Object o) method with Example
  87. Java LinkedList void push(Object o) method with Example
  88. Java LinkedList Object[] toArray() method with Example
  89. Java Object Class boolean equals(Object o) method with Example
  90. Java Object Class int hashCode() method with Example
  91. Java LinkedList boolean removeFirstOccurrence(Object o) method with Example
  92. Java LinkedList boolean removeLastOccurrence(Object o) method with Example
  93. Java LinkedList Object element() method with Example
  94. Java LinkedList Object get(int index) method with Example
  95. Java Object Class protected void finalize() throws Throwable method with Example
  96. Java Object Class String toString() method with Example
  97. Java Object Class final void wait() method with Example
  98. Java Object Class final void wait(long ms) method with Example
  99. Java Object Class final void wait(long ms , int ns) method with Example
  100. Java Object Class final Class getClass() method with Example
  101. Java StringBuffer append(String s) method with Example
  102. Java StringBuffer int capacity() method with Example
  103. Java StringBuffer char charAt(int index) method with Example
  104. Java StringBuffer int codePointAt(int index) method with Example
  105. Java StringBuffer int codePointBefore(int index) method with Example
  106. Java StringBuffer int codePointCount(int index1 , int index 2) method with Example
  107. Java StringBuffer insert(int offset , String s) method with Example
  108. Java StringBuffer int length() method with Example
  109. Java StringBuffer reverse() method with Example
  110. Java StringBuffer delete(int spos , int epos) method with Example
  111. Java StringBuffer deleteCharAt(int index) method with Example
  112. Java StringBuffer void ensureCapacity(int mincap) method with Example
  113. Java StringBuffer void setLength(int newlen) method with Example
  114. Java StringBuffer void trimToSize() method with Example
  115. Different ways to take input from the user in Java (Examples)
  116. Typecasting in Java
  117. What are java files?
  118. Java StringBuffer int lastIndexOf(String s , int srcindex) method with Example
  119. Java StringBuffer int lastIndexOf(String s) method with Example
  120. Java StringBuffer replace(int spos, int epos , String s) method with Example
  121. Java StringBuffer CharSequence subSequence(int spos, int epos) method with Example
  122. How to check if directory exists in Java?
  123. How to check an object is null in Java?
  124. How to set path in Java in Windows?
  125. How to add characters to a string in Java?
  126. How to check if string is number in java?
  127. How to add double quotes to a string in Java?
  128. Java File Class boolean createNewFile() method with Example
  129. Java File Class boolean delete() method with Example
  130. Java File Class String getName() method with Example
  131. Java File Class boolean canExecute() method with Example
  132. Java File Class boolean canRead() method with Example
  133. Java File Class boolean canWrite() method with Example
  134. How to avoid NullPointerException in Java?
  135. Java File Class boolean setExecutable(boolean exec_file , boolean owner_access) method with Example
  136. Java File Class boolean setExecutable(boolean exec_file) method with Example
  137. Java File Class boolean setReadable(boolean read_file , boolean owner_read) method with Example
  138. Java File Class boolean setReadable(boolean read_file) method with Example
  139. Java File Class boolean isDirectory() method with Example
  140. Java File Class boolean isFile() method with Example
  141. Java File Class boolean isHidden() method with Example
  142. Differences between static and non static method in Java
  143. Java File Class String[] list() method with Example
  144. Java File Class String[] list(FilenameFilter fnf) method with Example
  145. Java File Class File[] listFiles() method with Example
  146. Java File Class boolean exists() method with Example
  147. Java File Class String getParent() method with Example
  148. Java File Class File getParentFile() method with Example
  149. Java File Class File[] listFiles(FileFilter ff) method with Example
  150. Java File Class File[] listFiles(FilenameFilter fnf) method with Example
  151. Java File Class String getPath() method with Example
  152. Java File Class String getAbsolutePath() method with Example
  153. Java File Class long getFreeSpace() method with Example
  154. Differences between concat() method and plus (+) operator in Java
  155. Java File Class int compareTo(File filepath) method with Example
  156. Java File Class static File createTempFile(String file_name, String file_extension) method with Example
  157. Java File Class long length() method with Example
  158. Java File Class boolean mkdir() method with Example
  159. Differences between Abstract class and Concrete class
  160. Java File Class boolean isAbsolute() method with Example
  161. Java File Class long lastModified() method with Example
  162. Java File Class boolean renameTo(File new_pathname) method with Example
  163. Java File Class boolean setLastModified(long set_new_time) method with Example
  164. Java File Class boolean setReadOnly() method with Example
  165. Java File Class URI toURI() method with Example
  166. Java File Class int compareTo(Object o) method with Example
  167. Java File Class boolean mkdirs() method with Example
  168. Java File Class void deleteOnExit() method with Example
  169. Can we overload main() method in Java?
  170. Find maximum absolute difference in an array
  171. Is main() method compulsory in Java?
  172. Java Thread Class final void checkAccess() method with Example
  173. Java Thread Class static int activeCount() method with Example
  174. Java Thread Class static Thread currentThread() method with Example
  175. Java Thread Class static void dumpStack() method with Example
  176. Java Thread Class static int enumerate(Thread[] th) method with Example
  177. Java Thread Class static Map getAllStackTraces() method with Example
  178. Can we override main() method in Java?
  179. How to remove a SubList from a List in Java?
  180. java.util package in Java
  181. Java Thread Class long getId() method with Example
  182. Java Thread Class ClassLoader getContextClassLoader() method with Example
  183. Java Thread Class static Thread.UncaughtExceptionHandler getDefaultUncaughtExceptionHandler() method with Example
  184. How to run java class file which is in different directory?
  185. Java Thread Class final String getName() method with Example
  186. Java Thread Class final int getPriority() method with Example
  187. Java Thread Class StackTraceElement[] getStackTrace() method with Example
  188. Is it possible to have same data members in parent and child classes in Java?
  189. Java Thread Class Thread.State getState() method with Example
  190. Java Thread Class final ThreadGroup getThreadGroup() method with Example
  191. Java Thread Class static boolean holdLock(Object o) method with Example
  192. Java Thread Class Thread.UncaughtExceptionHandler getUncaughtExceptionHandler() method with Example
  193. Different ways to print Exception message in Java
  194. Java Thread Class void interrupt() method with Example
  195. Java Thread Class static boolean interrupted() method with Example
  196. Java Thread Class boolean isInterrupted() method with Example
  197. Why does java file name must be same as public class name?
  198. Differences between Iterator and ListIterator in Java
  199. Interfaces used in Collection framework in Java
  200. What is null in Java?
  201. Java Thread Class final boolean isAlive() method with Example
  202. Java Thread Class final boolean isDaemon() method with Example
  203. Java Thread Class final void setDaemon(boolean thread_status) method with Example
  204. Access specifiers in Java
  205. Java Thread Class final void join() method with Example
  206. Java Thread Class final synchronized void join(long time_in_ms) method with Example
  207. Java Thread Class final void join(long time_in_ms, int time_in_ns) method with Example
  208. Differences between constructors and methods in Java
  209. Different ways to create an object in Java
  210. Differences between Enumeration and Iterator in Java
  211. Differences between Vector and ArrayList in Java
  212. Java Thread Class public void run() method with Example
  213. Java Thread Class public void start() method with Example
  214. Java Thread Class String toString() method with Example
  215. Java Thread Class static native void yield() method with Example
  216. What are the non access modifiers in Java?
  217. Java Thread Class static void sleep(long time_in_ms) method with Example
  218. Java Thread Class static void sleep(long time_in_ms, int time_in_ns) method with Example
  219. How to print elements of a Stream in Java 8?
  220. Differences between StringJoiner and StringBuilder in Java 8
  221. Java Thread Class static void setDefaultUncaughtExceptionHandler(Thread.UncaughtExceptionHandler excep_handler) method with Example
  222. Java Thread Class final void setName(String thread_name) method with Example
  223. Java Thread Class final void setPriority(int priority) method with Example
  224. Java Thread Class public void setUncaughtExceptionHandler(Thread.UncaughtExceptionHandler excep_handler) method with Example
  225. Java Thread Class void setContextClassLoader(ClassLoader loader) method with Example
  226. How to remove an entry from a Collection in Java?
  227. How to sort objects of the Collection in Java?
  228. Stack class in Collection Framework in Java
  229. Differences between HashMap and LinkedHashMap in Java
  230. Differences between Set and List interface in Java
  231. Differences between HashSet and HashMap class in Java
  232. Differences between HashSet and LinkedHashSet in Java
  233. Differences between poll() and remove() methods of Queue Interface in Java
  234. How to stop a thread in Java?
  235. Differences between Set and Map interface in Java
  236. Differences between List and Map interface in Java
  237. Differences between Hashtable and HashMap class in Java
  238. Differences between the reverse() and reverseOrder() in Java
  239. Differences between submit() and execute() methods in Java
  240. Differences between Synchronized Collection and Concurrent Collection in Java
  241. Differences between the interrupted() and isInterrupted() in Java
  242. Differences between wait() and sleep() methods in Java
  243. Differences between HashMap and TreeMap in Java
  244. Differences between HashSet and TreeSet in Java
  245. Java Math Class static double acos(double d) method with example
  246. Java Math Class static double asin(double d) method with example
  247. Java Math Class static int abs(int i) method with example
  248. Java Math Class static long abs(long l) method with example
  249. Java Math Class static float abs(float f) method with example
  250. Java Math Class static double abs(double d) method with example

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