Chandra Shekhar

Technical Content Writer @ IncludeHelp


I’ve completed my post graduation degree in Master of Computer Application (MCA) in 2017. I love to share my information with others. I have a positive attitude to do my best and feel good to others.

Area of Interests: C, C++, Java (Core, Advance)

My job responsibilities: To write and Java articles, source code

Chandra Shekhar

His submissions


  1. Java program to print numbers from 1 to N using while loop.
  2. Java program to print numbers from 1 to N using for loop.
  3. Java program to print numbers from 1 to 10 using while loop.
  4. Java program to print numbers from 1 to 10 using for loop.
  5. Java program to convert given number of seconds to hours, minutes and second.
  6. Java program to find second largest element in an array.
  7. Java program to find second smallest element in an array.
  8. Java program to find smallest element in an array.
  9. Java program to check whether the number is IMEI Number or not.
  10. Java program to check Pronic Number.
  11. Java program to check Harshad Number.
  12. Java program to check Evil number.
  13. Java program to count strings and integers from an array.
  14. Java program to divide two numbers and catch the exception, if divisor is 0.
  15. Java program to handle multiple exceptions.
  16. Java program to read marks between 1 to 100 (An Example of Exceptional Handling).
  17. Java Applet program to display moving text or content.
  18. Java Applet program to show the animation of a bouncing ball.
  19. Java Applet program to print a welcome message.
  20. Java program to swap first and last character of each word in a string.
  21. Java program to count number of notes (rupees) in given amount.
  22. Java program to find occurrences of palindrome words in a string.
  23. Java program to check whether Emrip number.
  24. Java program to find the correct output of student quiz.
  25. Java program to find sum of factorials from 1 to N.
  26. Java program to find cube 1 to N.
  27. Java program to check whether given number is Kaprekar number or not.
  28. Java program to check whether a given number is ugly number or not.
  29. Java program to generate random numbers between given ranges.
  30. Java program to check whether a given matrix is lower matrix or not.
  31. Java program to check whether a matrix is symmetric or not.
  32. Java program to print boundary elements of the matrix.
  33. Java program to create a matrix and fill it with prime numbers.
  34. Java program to find perimeter of a rectangle.
  35. Program to find differences of two dates in days in java.
  36. Program to add given hours in current date and time in java.
  37. Program to create a two dimensional array fill it with given few characters in Java.
  38. Program to verify answers of answer sheets of N students in Java.
  39. Enable and Disable button in Java swing.
  40. Java program for bank management system.
  41. Java program to print patterns (2 Examples based on numbers pattern).
  42. How to make Singleton Class using static in Java?
  43. Java program to print prime numbers between given range.
  44. Java program to multiply corresponding elements of two lists.
  45. How to extract some of the elements from given list in java?
  46. Java program to make first alphabet capital of each word in a string.
  47. Java program to calculate area of Hexagon.
  48. Java program to compare two numbers with each other.
  49. Java program to count factors of a given number.
  50. Java program to read and print a two dimensional array.
  51. Java program to sort a one dimensional array in ascending order.
  52. Java program to merge two one dimensional arrays.
  53. Java program to print EVEN and ODD elements from an array.
  54. Java program to delete a specific element from a one dimensional array.
  55. Java program to print ‘W’ pattern using stars.
  56. Java program to traverse all files of a directory/folder.
  57. Java program to convert string to Boolean.
  58. Java program to print Floyd’s triangle till given N rows.
  59. Java program to print pattern of numbers in triangle and reverse trainable form.
  60. Java program to check whether a given character is alphabet or not.
  61. Java program to print spiral pattern of the given input.
  62. Java program to move all zero at the end of the array.
  63. Java program to find differences between minimum and maximum numbers in an array.
  64. Java program to find average of all array elements.
  65. Java program to find missing elements in array elements.

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