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Hritik Raj

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Hritik Raj

Hritik Raj
Student, 4Th Year, B.Tech (CSE)
Graphic Era University, Dehradun

I am a self-motivated and passionate programmer, who loves to code and solve programming challenges. I am a Keen learner who always wants to keep himself updated with the latest technologies.

I have a strong interest in Data Structure, optimization algorithms, and web technologies. I am currently involved in some research work on the same.

Apart from studies, I love to play cricket and travel places that have historical values.

His submissions

C, C++

  1. Find next and previous power of two of a given number in C++.
  2. Find total Number of bits required to represent a number in binary in C++.
  3. Change case of a character using bit manipulation in C++.
  4. C program to demonstrate orphan process.
  5. C program to demonstrate zombie process.

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