1. Introduction to Algorithms.
  2. Algorithm and its types.
  3. Algorithm and its properties.
  4. Time Space Trade-Off of algorithms.
  5. Time and Space Analysis of Algorithm.

Sorting Algorithms

  1. Introduction to Greedy Strategy in Algorithms
  2. Stability in sorting
  3. External Merge Sorting Algorithm
  4. Radix Sort and its Algorithm
  5. Bucket Sort Algorithm
  6. Bubble sort Algorithm, Flow Chart and C++ Code
  7. Insertion sort Algorithm, flowchart and C, C++ Code
  8. Merge Sort | One of the best sorting algorithms used for large inputs

Searching Algorithms

  1. Binary Search in C, C++
  2. Randomized Binary Search
  3. Meta Binary Search | One-sided Binary Search
  4. Difference between Linear Search and Binary Search
  5. Binary Search in String
  6. Variants of Binary Search
  7. Sieve of Eratosthenes to find prime numbers
  8. Optimal Merge Pattern (Algorithm and Example)
  9. Given an array of n numbers, Check whether there is any duplicate or not
  10. Finding the missing number
  11. Find the number occurring an odd number of times
  12. Find the pair whose sum is closest to zero in minimum time complexity
  13. Find three elements in an array such that their sum is equal to given element K
  14. Bitonic Search Algorithm
  15. Check whether a number is Fibonacci or not
  16. Segregate even and odd numbers in minimum time complexity
  17. Find trailing zeros in factorial of a number
  18. Find Nearest Greatest Neighbours of each element in an array
  19. Interpolation search algorithm
  20. Floor and ceil of an element in an array using C++
  21. Two Elements whose sum is closest to zero
  22. Find a pair with a given difference
  23. Count number of occurrences (or frequency) in a sorted array
  24. Find a Fixed Point (Value equal to index) in a given array
  25. Find the maximum element in an array which is first increasing and then decreasing

Dynamic programming

  1. Dynamic Programming (Components, Applications and Elements).
  2. Algorithm for fractional knapsack problem
  3. Algorithm and procedure to solve a longest common subsequence problem
  4. Dynamic Programming (Components, Applications and Elements)
  5. Find the Nth Fibonacci number | C++
  6. Longest Common Subsequence using Dynamic programming (DP)
  7. Longest Increasing Subsequence using Dynamic programming (DP)
  8. Find the maximum sub-array sum using KADANE'S ALGORITHM
  9. Non-intersecting chords using Dynamic Programming (DP)
  10. Edit Distance using Dynamic Programming (DP)
  11. Finding Ugly Number using Dynamic Programming (DP)
  12. Egg dropping problem using Dynamic Programming (DP)
  13. Wild card matching problem using Dynamic programming (DP)
  14. Compute sum of digits in all numbers from 1 to N for a given N
  15. Minimum jumps required using Dynamic programming (DP)

Graph Algorithms

  1. Graph coloring problem's solution using backtracking algorithm
  2. Breadth First Search (BFS) and Depth First Search (DFS) Algorithms
  3. Travelling Salesman Problem
  4. Kruskal's (P) and Prim's (K) Algorithms
  5. Multistage graph problem with forward approach and backward approach algorithms
  6. Floyd Warshall algorithm with its Pseudo Code

Backtracking Algorithms

  1. Backtracking (Types and Algorithms).
  2. 4 Queen's problem and solution using backtracking algorithm.
  3. N Queen's problem and solution using backtracking algorithm.


  1. Types of Recursion.
  2. Find the GCD (Greatest Common Divisor) of two numbers using EUCLID'S ALGORITHM
  3. Compute the value of A raise to the power B using Fast Exponentiation

Algorithms Implementation

  1. Implement First Come First Served (FCFS) CPU Scheduling Algorithm using C program

Operating system algorithms

  1. Implementations of FCFS scheduling algorithm using C++.
  2. Implementation of Shortest Job First (SJF) Non-Preemptive CPU scheduling algorithm using C++.
  3. Implementation of Shortest Job First (SJF) Preemptive CPU scheduling algorithm using C++.
  4. Implementation of Priority scheduling (Pre-emptive) algorithm using C++.
  5. Implementation of Priority scheduling (Non Pre-emptive) algorithm using C++.
  6. Implementation of Round Robin CPU Scheduling algorithm using C++.
  7. Analysis of LRU page replacement algorithm and Belady's anomaly


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